Make Your Fresh Lemonade Even Tastier With This Easy Hack

In the hot summer months, nothing hits quite like a cold glass of lemonade. As it turns out, there's a reason that this beverage is so refreshing. According to Food Sided, the bitter acid in this citrus-flavored drink "makes you feel hydrated because it increases salivation." To top that off, lemonade can also increase your energy levels, protect your immune system, and contribute to your daily dose of vitamin C.

Not only is lemonade delicious to drink, but it's also fairly easy to make. There's a reason you see so many children running stands that revolve around this summer beverage! That said, several celebrity chefs also have their own variations on a classic lemonade recipe, including Ree Drummond and Ina Garten, to help you whip up the perfect batch of lemonade in a pinch. 

There are so many small hacks to help you turn lemons into lemonade. While there are a lot of ingredients you can incorporate to elevate your beverage, here's the one thing you should always add to your homemade lemonade. There's also an unexpected kitchen gadget that you can utilize to make your sweet and sour drink even more flavorful.

Mashing your lemons allows you to integrate flavors drawn from lemon zest

Fun fact: Potato mashers can be used for more than just mashing potatoes. According to Cook's Country, this tool can be used to extricate even more flavor from your lemons when making homemade lemonade.

First, you need to make sure that you are selecting the best lemons for the job. Cook's Country recommends choosing large lemons that aren't too firm, which makes them easier to squeeze. Then, give your lemons a wash using a brush and water to rid any wax from the skin.

Next, you will want to cut up your lemons into fairly fine slices. Place the slices, along with some sugar, into a bowl. Now is when you will need your potato masher. Work away at your mixture for approximately one minute until the sugar is muddled, damp, and glistening. This method allows you to get some flavor from the lemon zest that you wouldn't have obtained otherwise.

You will later add your water, a little more lemon juice, and strain your juice to rid your mixture of any pesky seeds. If you are looking to experiment even further with batches of lemonade, Bon Appétit recommends several complementary pairings, including raspberry and tarragon, cucumber and parsley, peach and ginger, and strawberry and basil.