TikTok's Watermelon Popcorn Trend Uses Actual Watermelon

Popcorn comes in a multitude of flavors, some of which are unique while others are downright strange. This beloved snack rose in popularity because of its affordability. In fact, movie theater owners turned down popcorn as a snack at first due to its messiness, per Grand Rapids Popcorn. But its low price led these owners to change their minds during the Great Depression, and those who didn't budge on their popcorn stance ultimately went out of business.

In a study of 1,000 participants by National Today, 30.90% touted butter popcorn as their favorite variety. The second most popular popcorn flavor was white cheddar at 16.20%, followed by caramel corn at 15.80%. Other notable answers included kettle corn (15.10%), cheddar cheese (11%), and garlic (3.40%). Only 2.30% of individuals preferred plain popcorn over the others. These answers, of course, don't cover the recent TikTok trend, which involves using watermelon to create a brand new popcorn flavor. Here's what TikTok users had to say about it. 

TikTok users didn't know what to think

In July, TikTok user @theaddleyshow posted a watermelon popcorn recipe that had the app users stunned. The start of the video shows the individual placing a watermelon slice into frying pan of oil. In an unexpected twist, they then pour a decent amount of popcorn seeds in the pan, followed by salt and butter. They stir the creation and let it pop, giving a thumbs up at the finished product. Perhaps the most interesting part of the recipe is that it uses actual watermelon for the flavor.

When users turned to the comments, they expressed a mix bag of reactions. "I mean you have to be high to do this," one comment read, while another user wrote, "What in the Orville Redenbacher is going on here?"

If you're interested in trying watermelon-flavored popcorn, you don't necessarily have to make it yourself. Yum Yum's Popcorn carries mini, small, and large bags ranging from $5.99 to $11.99 each. Instead of real watermelon, this type is made with watermelon mix, which according to the site, creates a "very flavorful and sweet" taste.