The Extra Oatmeal Cookie Step Duff Goldman Swears By

What does Duff Goldman know that you don't? How to bake oatmeal raisin cookies perfectly every time. Although the pastry chef is known as the "Ace of Cakes," Goldman released a cookie cookbook for kids in 2022. The book features every dessert you can imagine — from checkerboard cookies to coconut macaroons — so we will definitely be taking his advice when it comes to upgrading our cookie recipe.

Goldman revealed to Allrecipes his best tips for the perfect oatmeal raisin cookies, which includes throwing in extra ingredients. The Food Network star advises spicing up your sweets with chocolate chips or a type of toasted nut (pecans or walnuts will do). In addition to this tip, Goldman touched on one of the most obvious cookie fails — over-baking. He explained that "cookies are not forgiving at all," so the minute you begin to see a hint of color in the cookie, take them out of the oven.

Now that we covered over-baking and ingredients, there's one more step the television personality swears by.

Soak the oats in water before adding them to the batter

Good texture remains essential for quality cookies, and it turns out Duff Goldman feels the same way. The cake shop owner recommends keeping oatmeal raisin cookies moist by soaking the oats in water before adding them to the batter. Goldman explained that oats tend to become "dry" and need to be "loosened up" after sitting in packaging for a long while, per Allrecipes.

Allowing the oats to absorb water will unlock the moisture in the cookie you are looking for, and will score you some baking points with your family. In order to save yourself some time, Goldman also said you should plan to make the dough ahead and freeze it. According to Betty Crocker, freezing cookie dough works best for cutout cookies, drop cookies, and slice-and-bake cookies, so that you can easily pop them in the oven when you are craving a sweet treat. Dessert just got a whole lot tastier!