Twitter Is Passionately Defending An Attack On The Cheesecake Factory

A recent Twitter post read, "Y'all go to Cheesecake Factory to sit in that dungeon eating that over cooked ass pasta bye you can't even SEE YOUR FOOD THEY DONT HAVE LIGHTS!" Many people got extremely defensive about the restaurant chain, taking to the platform to retaliate on the post. 

The casual dining restaurant has been an American staple since 1972. Owner David Overton, told Vice that he grew up around cheesecake. His mother had her own bakery in the basement of their family home and, eventually, their father even went door-to-door attempting to sell cheesecake — not something that would happen in today's world! He said, "We knew we had the Cadillac of cheesecakes," but they didn't yet have the solution to bring them to the masses. That all changed when his accountant said that he'd "raise the money" to fund a restaurant concept built around the cheesecakes, and the Cheesecake Factory was born. Today with its encyclopedia-style menu and novel decor, which purportedly seems to favor a darkened atmosphere. Insider described the design as "a brilliant tactic."

In a presentation for investors at a 2017 conference, the Cheesecake Factory executives claimed that "ambiance, service, and hospitality drive sales." Perhaps this is demonstrated in the restaurant's 8.8% growth during 2022 with a revenue of $3.18 billion (via Whatever the case, the chain is obviously doing something right as several Twitter users came to its defense. 

Many Twitter users seem to like the Cheesecake Factory

While there were a few people who replied to the original tweet that they would avoid things like the pasta, many others said things like, "I like the dark and mysterious vibe friend." In a separate post, another Twitter user seemed concerned for the restaurant and posted a gif saying, "me checking Twitter to make sure Cheesecake Factory is okay." 

One user replied, "Louisiana chicken pasta, cucumber lemonade, and a slice of cheesecake. I refuse to change my order because it's delicious." "They have cucumber lemonade?" a respondent asked, "maybe I wanna eat in the dark too now." Other posters commented on the size of the Cheesecake Factory menu: "I mean the menus a textbook you really think they making food from scratch?" Someone claiming to be an employee replied, "I work there everything is actually made fresh all 300 sauces don't discredit the steak to make a point they work too hard."

Many said how much they enjoyed various menu items with one person stating, "the vanilla bean cheesecake is my crack cocaine" and others said, "the bread is superb" and, "I go for the cheesecake and that brown bread." However, one Twitter poster was stunned that this debate was trending on the social media platform referring to the recent $50 million tax break the restaurant chain had received despite supposedly not paying their landlords and sacking 41,000 employees, per Washington Post