The Rule Of Thumb For Which Bread To Pair With Your Egg Casseroles

Casseroles might just be the most versatile and convenient dish you can make. Within reason, you can add any ingredient you want, and you can prepare one for any meal of the day. You can also bake it way ahead of time and heat it back up instead of rushing to get it done on a busy holiday. Traditionally, a casserole refers to any oven-baked meal prepared in a casserole dish, but today, it really doesn't matter what type of cookware is used (per MasterClass). It can be a main course or a side, so long as it consists of pre-prepared ingredients combined in your preferred dish.

A breakfast casserole containing egg is just as simple as any other. According to Betty Crocker, this casserole type can be frozen as long as the egg is beaten or mixed. Hard-boiled eggs, however, may lose their consistency when placed in a freezer. Additionally, egg casseroles can also contain bread, and the type of bread depends on what you're looking to accomplish with your dish (via The New York Times).

Consider how you want the casserole to turn out

Bread isn't always required to make a delicious casserole, yet sometimes it can serve as a binding agent and add additional flavor. If you decide your egg-based dish needs bread, you should consider how you want your casserole to turn out. According to The New York Times, richer casseroles call for dense bread while puffy casseroles cook better with light bread. Seedy bread, however, is typically not a good choice as it can change how creamy the casserole comes out.

You can also add bread crumbs to the top of your casseroles. Per Betty Crocker, bread crumbs prevent moisture loss and add texture to the dish. Although you can always tear up literal pieces of bread for the casserole, you can also opt to use cracker crumbs or chip crumbs if you're looking to switch things up. Honestly, the best way to find out which bread is right for your meal is by experimenting until you get it right. Besides, the more casseroles you make the more you can enjoy, which sounds like a good plan.