Which Fast Food Chain Has The Most Attractive Restaurants? Here's What Fast Food Lovers Say- Exclusive Survey

Fast food restaurants have undergone an aesthetic shift in recent years, according to Trill Mag. While you could historically recognize a fast food joint from a mile away with its bright colors and flashy signs, these dining establishments are opting for a more subtle look these days. Today, you're likely to see large windows, wooden panels, and a square shape, according to Cheddar on YouTube.

That's because fast food spots began competing with a new type of dining experience in the 2000s. Fast casual joints like Chipotle and Panera offered speedy service with better quality ingredients at a slightly higher price, and they became insanely popular. Now, fast food restaurants are attempting to embody the fast casual model. They're trying to redefine the fast food experience by drawing in more customers with higher quality food and a more modern look.

A Mashed exclusive survey recently revealed which fast food restaurant has the most aesthetic appeal to customers.

Customers love the look of Chick-fil-A

Drive-thrus in the United States have become a lot chicer, if you haven't noticed. As fast food restaurants try to keep up with the fast casual model, their aesthetic is ever-evolving, per Cheddar on YouTube. According to a Mashed exclusive survey, the fast food joint that customers find most aesthetically pleasing is Chick-fil-A. Of 582 people surveyed, 47.25% said they thought this fried chicken spot is the most attractive fast food restaurant.

Chick-fil-A launched its current design, which it calls the Heritage Design, in 2011. The inside and outside designs of the restaurant attempt to reflect "strong roots and personality," by using quality products, fun and playful accents, elements of the local community, and support for artists.

Survey participants also liked the look of McDonald's, which garnered 20.10% of votes in the survey. Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Burger King also made the list at 16.67%, 8.25%, and 7.73%.