Here's What Happened To Mexican Village After Restaurant: Impossible

Being a restaurateur in the post-pandemic era has been tough for many. According to the National Restaurant Association, between 2019 and 2021, the restaurant industry saw its sales fall from $864 billion to $799 billion. A whopping 90,000 restaurants were compelled to halt business or shut their doors permanently as the pandemic raged. One of the many restaurants that faced various challenges during the pandemic sought help from Robert Irvine. The 12th episode of "Restaurant: Impossible" Season 18 introduced viewers to restaurateur Abel Meza, the owner of Mexican Village in Milwaukee. Meza had never run a restaurant before starting Mexican Village, but he decided to give it a go at his family's behest, per a preview onĀ Facebook.

During the pandemic, Meza's restaurant started delivering food and was open for carry-outs, but he struggled to save his sinking business due to debt. To make matters worse, his mother blamed him for the restaurant's failure and said he ruined their family. His relationship with his children also suffered as a consequence. Although the restaurant saw a 75% decline in sales, according to a report by TMJ4 News, Meza said he was grateful that his loyal customers helped keep the business going and often left generous tips.

"Restaurant: Impossible" documented how chef Robert Irvine helped Meza update Mexican Village's menu and renovated the place in the hope of turning things around. Here's what happened to Mexican Village after the cameras stopped rolling.

Mexican Village closed after Restaurant: Impossible

Customers had mixed feelings about Mexican Village since it was featured in "Restaurant: Impossible." Some people seemed to be especially satisfied with the food. "We have tried this place in the past and it was so-so. We recently discovered they were on ["Restaurant: Impossible"] and had to try it again. It was a definite improvement!" one user wrote. On Facebook, Dominic The Food Reviewer penned a glowing review, explaining in part, "I would highly recommend checking the Mexican village out because the owner was very friendly to talk to about Mexican food and the [restaurant's] background, and the food was so tasty."

Although some customers raved about the food, others weren't too happy. One customer offered praise and criticism: "We have [dined there] a couple of times since the remodel. The service is always friendly but way too slow. ... This [place has] great food but they really need to step up the service. We won't be dining again." On Tripadvisor, a diner complained, "Nothing good to say. Overpriced, small menu. ... Restaurant impossible didn't do anything to help this place. Sorry." Despite all the efforts, it appears Mexican Village has permanently closed, based on several reviews and Google search results. It hasn't shared updates on Instagram since December 2021. One Google user said the building had a banner outside that said another Mexican restaurant named "Ashley" would open soon.