McDonald's UK Is Launching A Spicy Sriracha Wrap With A Catch

Sriracha is one of those phenomena that leaves some people scratching their heads — usually people who aren't fans of spicy foods — but for the rest of us, it makes the perfect addition to just about any savory dish. It was even named ingredient of the year by Bon Appetit, which also created a "Sriracha Week." Many are familiar with the "rooster" bottle produced by Huy Fong Foods, created in California back in 1980 by Vietnamese immigrant David Tran. Since then, it has started to appear alongside the standard condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, in a variety of eateries around the world.

According to Referral Candy, the product gained popularity due to its prevalence in social media and with influencers. Griffin Hammond, who created an indie documentary on the sauce, told How Stuff Works: "I love Sriracha on basic mac and cheese, or lasagna — really any pasta or pizza. The sauce has five major components: garlic, salt, sugar, vinegar, and either jalapeño or chili peppers."

Given that there was a Sriracha shortage reported about six months ago, fans will be happy to hear about the introduction of a new Sriracha wrap from McDonald's UK. Unfortunately, the wrap will only be available for a limited time and only on a particular day of the week.

It will replace the Sweet Chilli Chicken One

The McDonald's UK release of the Spicy Sriracha Chicken One will only be available on Wednesdays as the "wrap of the day." The limited time menu item is due to leave UK locations on February 14 — which means there's only six more opportunities to try it. The good news is that you can you choose whether you'd like the chicken grilled or breaded. The sandwich comes on a toasted wrap with "sliced onions, fresh cucumber and lettuce" and, of course "hot 'n' spicy Sriracha sauce." It's priced at £3.29.

While parting is such sweet sorrow for Sriracha fans, if the sandwich is popular enough, it may have a chance of sticking around. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. McDonald's UK announced the return of the popular Aero Chocolate and Aero Peppermint McFlurries — which the rest of the world would like to see also, McDonalds!

While a Sriracha signature burger was also released in the U.S. and Australia, the item is no longer available. So for UK eaters, it may be best to try it while you can!