All The Times Jenna Ortega Has Appeared In McDonald's Commercials

Before the young actress captured the hearts of Netflix-watchers and "Addams Family" fans everywhere with her role in "Wednesday," Jenna Ortega had her humble beginnings on the small screen. When she was young, she landed a role in a Colgate commercial where she explained (very cutely) how kids should brush their teeth to "keep the nasties away." Though, this wasn't the only time Ortega would get to show her pearly whites in a TV ad for a well-known company. Brands like Old Navy and the fast food giant McDonald's were quick to cast the future star and her distinctive dimples in commercials, too.

In a Jimmy Kimmel interview, Ortega revealed that she was "accidentally McDonald's girl for a year" (via YouTube). The casting directors for The Golden Arches had actually chosen her to be in three separate commercials one year, unaware that they'd picked the same actress each time. With how massive and widespread the McDonald's franchise has become over the years, it's comes as no surprise that they'd miss that little detail. Out of all three of the McDonald's commercials young Ortega was cast in, only two have surfaced. In this ad, she gives a nice one-liner, but it's in this McDonald's commercial where we can see evidence of what Ortega went on to explain to Kimmel that those commercials were "one of the most disappointing experiences" of her life, and it isn't the typical acting career drama you might expect.

Jenna Ortega doesn't want McDonald's pity nuggets

In the commercial, we see Jenna Ortega with a friend happily munching on a McDonald's classic — an apple slice (via TikTok)? The actress lamented that in her multiple commercial roles for the fast food chain, she was always the one stuck with the apples. "They had me dance around a room and do certain things, but most of all, they would assign foods to the girls," Ortega recalled to Kimmel (via YouTube). "And every single time, without fail, I was apples. Who goes to McDonald's and wants the apples?" Girl's got a point.

McDonald's apple slices as a healthy side in its Happy Meals back in 2004. The goal was to normalize more nutritionally beneficial sides to be included in kids' meals, not just on its own menu, but also in schools and store-bought kids' meals throughout the U.S. Since apple slices were first introduced, it's been reported that the fast food restaurant now sells more than 10% of America's apple slices (via Insider). So even though Ortega was doing McDonald's a favor by actively promoting the healthier alternative on its menu, it must've been disappointing not to get the good stuff!

She hilariously said that after working on the commercial, she was given re-heated McDonald's chicken nuggets as part of a 'pity project.' It really makes you want to make a late-night Mickey D's run and scarf down a 50-piece nugget, just for her.