Alleged Chick-Fil-A App Hack Reportedly Swiped Money From Customers' Bank Accounts

If you have the Chick-fil-A app downloaded onto your phone, you may want to check your bank account for fraudulent charges. In the past, there have been issues regarding thieves stealing loyalty points from rewards apps such as these, per The Points Guy. From July 2018 to June 2020, 100 million hacks occurred, with 63 million aimed at the travel, retail, and hospitality industries. When points such as these are stolen, they are often sold off, sometimes unbeknownst to the loyalty member.

Mobile loyalty apps can possibly be a concern for more sinister reasons, according to The New York Times. When attackers get a hold of your online accounts, they're able to learn things about you, such as the items you frequently order and how often you visit said restaurant. It's even a possibility that these hackers have found ways to access your bank accounts, which one woman was wary about when she reached out to 11 Alive yesterday.

Chick-fil-A claims the app hasn't been hacked

Chick-fil-A loyalty customer Kimberly Weot reached out to 11 Alive Wednesday afternoon after detecting suspicious activity on herĀ Chick-fil-A rewards account. Reportedly, the e-mail address associated with her account was changed, creating a pathway for hackers to transfer money from her card. Weot said she contacted the channel to warn other users to check their bank accounts.

After being made aware, a Chick-fil-A spokesperson issued a statement, stating they don't believe the system has been a victim of hacking. "Chick-fil-A is aware of suspicious activity on some of our customers' Chick-fil-A One accounts. While we are still investigating what happened and how certain customers became subject to this fraudulent activity, this is not due to a compromise of Chick-fil-A Inc.'s internal systems," they said.

Nine months ago, a Reddit user reported a similar attack. "Yesterday, I had received e-mails regarding someone is logging enter my app and needs verification. I never had verify the hacker's access but they managed to get through it," the post read. "So, they then used my stored credit card information to reload the gift card balance to $200 at 5 different increments." The poster claims that Chick-fil-A "didn't give any crap about it."