The Seaweed Trick That Makes Beans Less Gas-Inducing

You can probably still hear the jingle in your head. You know, the one that kids in middle school used to belt out involving beans and a certain bodily function. There are plenty of food myths that you grew up with that have since been debunked, perhaps unknowingly to you. For one, a Harvard study says there's no real evidence that milk strengthens your bones; in fact, a similar study shows that young girls may fracture their bones easier if too much calcium is in their diet (via Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). Secondly, carrots won't actually improve your eyesight. According to Gailey Eye Clinic, the vitamin A found in carrots can be good for overall eye health, but it won't restore your vision if it's already poor.

The rumor surrounding beans though? Well, it isn't a rumor at all. Per Healthline, consuming beans causes gas, bloat, and stomach pain due to their high concentration of folate, iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. There are ways to work around the negative side effects of beans, however. In other words, bean lovers might want to start paying attention now.

Kombu works to break down starch

If you enjoy eating beans yet hate the way they make you feel, there's a Japanese solution for that. Per Dr. Axe, Kombu is a type of seaweed that aids in the digestion of beans to reduce bloating, stomach pain, and gas. This is made possible by amino acids present in the kelp, which work to fight raffinose sugars and starch in the beans. It doesn't impair the flavor of the beans either; instead, it provides its own flavor that can be described as quite savory.

Per Our Everyday Life, the beans should be soaked for an hour before they're cooked. When the soaking process is complete, the beans should be boiled before adding a small slice of Kombu (how many slices depends on how many beans you're cooking). The seaweed will break down, leaving no visible trace by the time the beans are ready to eat. From here, you should be able to enjoy your dish without feeling bloated and uneasy for hours afterward.