The Reason You Should Always Complete A Subway Receipt Survey

Have you ever been asked by an employee to complete a survey on the bottom of your receipt for a chance at some one-in-a-million prize? Too often, the awards are so unattainable that they don't provide enough incentive for customers to participate. They tend to be beneficial for the company, though, as they use the surveys for various reasons to track satisfaction levels from store to store. Per Survey Methods, these receipt surveys help companies judge the performance of specific employees, as well as monitor the negative responses to adjust their business models.

Per The Penny Hoarder, these surveys are really only worth your time if they offer sure awards instead of contests. Luckily, many businesses value your feedback enough to give you a small incentive. Some examples include Wendy's, which offers $2 off, IHop, where you can receive a free pancake stack, and Burger King, which gives you a free sandwich when a specific purchase is made. Subway is another fast food joint that makes it worth it, so if you've been recently, take a second before tossing your receipt.

Every survey scores free food

If you have a Subway receipt handy (or you plan to make a visit soon), take a second glance at it before getting rid of it for good. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, the sandwich stop is one restaurant that offers a real award for your survey answers. Located at the bottom of the receipt, the link sends you to a one-minute survey, which gives you a code after completion. If you write your code on the receipt and hang onto it until the next visit, you'll receive a small drink or two free cookies. Please note: You must complete the survey within five days of your first visit.

If you're a big fan of Subway, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for announcements. Several times throughout the year, Subway offers other opportunities to receive free food. In July of 2022, it gave away one million free six-inch subs in celebration of its new menu, the Subway Series (per USA TODAY).