WeightWatchers' New Baked By Melissa Collab Brings Limited Edition Cupcakes

In a timely promotion tying into the season of New Year's resolutions, WeightWatchers has teamed up with Baked by Melissa to create a line of limited-edition cupcakes, according to an announcement shared with Mashed. 

According to an inflation calculator, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies have all increased in price by 3.77% per year since 1978. Despite this hike, Food Business News reports that fresh bakeries are doing better than ever in sales — especially when it comes to mini and smaller-sized "special" treats. That's where Baked by Melissa, the famous New York-based dessert brand, comes in, as the company is known for its colorfully decorated, bite-sized cupcakes. 

The owner of the company, Melissa Ben-Ishay, is the brains behind TikTok's viral green goddess salad that took over the internet last winter. Per a recent press release, Ben-Ishay has created a 25-pack of cupcakes consisting of eight different flavors aligned with the WeightWatchers program, and the collection launched this week.

What's in the collection?

Exclusively available online, the Baked by Melissa WeightWatchers collection features just one new cupcake: a mini chocolate flavor with WeightWatchers blue vanilla icing. The rest, according to the brand, are best sellers, including tie-dye, red velvet, triple chocolate fudge, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip pancake. Each flavor has a maximum WeightWatchers "points" value of 3, and some cupcakes are stuffed with a flavored filling, such as cookie dough and peanut butter and jelly. 

Baked by Melissa is no stranger to creative partnerships with food-related businesses, as the brand recently created pie-inspired cupcakes for a Blue Moon collab last fall, as well as a line of rosé-inspired cupcakes with Wölffer Estate Vineyard. WeightWatchers has also collaborated with major food brands, such as Uber Eats on a WW-friendly food delivery menu and Blue Apron on a range of low-point meal delivery kits. It's unclear if Baked by Melissa and WeightWatchers will work together again, but their current collaboration runs through January 31.