Florence Pugh Brings Her Chef Knives Everywhere She Goes

Whether you know her from her chilling role in "Midsommar" or as the youngest March sister in "Little Women," Florence Pugh has established herself as "one of the most fearless, versatile talents of her generation" — at least if you ask Harper's Bazaar. When interviewing with the outlet, the "Don't Worry Darling" star spoke up about what it's like to take on the challenging roles that string together her momentous career. "I guess all of my movies have that element of women being forced into a corner, forced into an opinion, forced into a way of life," she shared. "And then finally, something cracks."

As one can imagine, it's tough work taking on some of Pugh's roles. Take "Midsommar," for example: In one of the opening scenes of the movie, the Oxford-born actress receives a traumatic phone call where she finds out her sister has killed both of her parents and herself (via IMDb). After a long day of stepping into these characters' shoes, one of Pugh's favorite ways to unwind is by cooking dinner for herself and whomever she is with (if you're a follower of hers, you'll know that Instagram can't get enough of Pugh's cooking). In a cooking tutorial with Vogue, Pugh describes it as how she gets "back to my usual self."

In this same cooking tutorial, the 27-year-old whips up a batch of garlic crostini. As she chops, dices, and sips on a frosty vodka martini, Pugh shares some of her go-to rules for when she's in the kitchen.

Florence Pugh's father owns several restaurants in Oxford, England

When it comes to cooking, Florence Pugh has a few mantras that she lives by. For one, Pugh revealed to Vogue that she's a huge proponent of making mistakes. In her opinion, "that's where the best food and cooking comes from."

The Oscar nominee also believes a knife is a girl's best friend in the kitchen, so much so that when she's cooking dinner for someone, she never leaves home without her own tools. If Pugh is whipping up meals for a friend often, then she has a sneaky hack to ensure that she'll never be without a top-notch knife in their kitchen. "I'll get them a knife for their birthday being like, 'Yeah, you really need it,' and actually, it's because I need it when I'm in their kitchen." Clever thinking, Flo!

Pugh is not the only avid chef in her family. The actress shared that her mother and grandmother both cook and her father is a restauranteur (via Harper's Bazaar). Clinton Pugh founded several restaurants in Oxford, England, including Café Tarifa, Cafe Coco, and Kazbar (via Oxfordshire Live). In an Instagram post, the Marvel actress gave her father's restaurants a shout-out, describing her beverage from Kazbar as "the best elderflower pressé in town!" "We all grew up in Cafe Coco and Kazbar, so it's always so sentimental and a total treat to come back and be home again," Pugh captioned her sweet post.