Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Florence Pugh's Cooking

You may know Oscar-nominated actress Florence Pugh from her roles in "Black Widow," "Midsommar," and "Little Women" (via IMDb), but she takes on a more relatable role in a series of cooking tutorial stories she posts to her Instagram. The series, which she calls "Cooking with Flo," has been on hiatus for what Pugh simply calls "life," but she returned this week with a video preparing 'courgetti' — aka zucchini noodles with prawns. In the videos, Pugh (wearing her yellow apron) not only provides a step-by-step guide for making the dish, she also entertains watchers with her dancing, original soundtrack, witty repertoire, and occasional glance at her adorable dog, Billie. 

Equipped with a glass of wine, Pugh first welcomes her fans back to the show in this latest episode. "I'm back! Let's get cooking," she starts, adding, "I hope you've all been cooking. If you haven't been, I'm hoping that I can do some inspiring and get you cooking some yummy food this weekend." She then goes on to describe the dish at hand, saying it's a "spicy, fresh, vegetabley, tomatoey sauce with chili, lemon, peppers, cherry tomatoes, maybe a few mushrooms ... and then I'm going to make my own courgetti." Pugh also encourages cooks to use "banged up vegetables" in their sauces that would otherwise go to waste. She then promises some garlic prawns if she has time — which, thankfully for all of us, she does — and then dives right in as followers watch along.

Fans are begging Florence Pugh to have her own cooking show

"Oh my God, it smells amazing!" Pugh exclaims in her Instagram story as she pours the tomatoes into the pan with the garlic. She also comes off very relatable in the videos, admitting when she makes a mistake — like, forgetting the onions — but, then offering an alternative for how to fix this error for viewers who may have done the same. "All's good, all's groovy ... Sometimes you f*** up and then you have to fix it and then it's all good and it's all easy." She also gives a quick disclaimer about her courgetti tool as well, telling viewers to be careful they don't catch their knuckles in the blades as they spiral the zucchini noodles. After preparing the noodles, she puts them into the sauce for them to cook, then finally serves herself a dish of the courgetti, sauce, and prawns and dances around the kitchen while eating.

ET Canada compiled a series of tweets detailing the adoration Pugh's fans have for "Cooking with Flo," with some literally begging the actress to start her own cooking show. "Florence Pugh is back at cooking on her Instagram and nature is healing," wrote one fan, while another tweeted, "All I want in life is to cook a meal with Florence Pugh." And the actress doesn't seem opposed to making changes to the program either to do so, stating in her Instagram stories that maybe she'll switch up the format to have it become more interactive. "Maybe I should do that, in the future. Like, post the vegetables and the ingredients and then get you guys to cook along." We're sure it would be a hit.