TikTok Is Stunned Over McDonald's Customers Receiving Chick-Fil-A Mac And Cheese

Perhaps not to the extent of the recent McDonald's and Chick-fil-A mix-up, but mistakes in the drive-thru happen all the time. The most common drive-thru mishap is being served the wrong beverage, which accounts for 34% of all inaccuracies (via InTouch Insight). When customers are asked what personally drives return business, 58% say correct orders, whereas speed is only preferred by 23% of customers, making it clear what's most important to the average fast food diner, per QSR Magazine.

Among the most bizarre mistake a drive-thru employee can make, however, is serving something that's absent from the menu. According to 11 Alive, this happened last September when a Georgia woman found the restaurant's daily deposit, which equaled $543.10, in her to-go bag. Strangely, this isn't a one-off occurrence. In 2015, another woman found $2,631 instead of her meal, which she returned about an hour later, Yahoo! Finance reports. Earlier this month, a McDonald's served up a meal like they always do, but somehow, it wasn't a meal from the burger joint.

Some users believe the video was faked

On January 3, a TikTok user visited a McDonald's drive-thru and received something unexpected in their bag. Though it was an actual food item this time, it was a side of mac-and-cheese sold at Chick-fil-A rather than a McDonald's side item. "We went to McDonald's and they put a mac n cheese from Chick-fil-A. Confused af," the video read. In the video, the TikToker flashed the camera at the drive-thru window before directing it at the to-go bag that held the mac-and-cheese. Upon asking the employee about the finding, he simply told her to take it. The comments ranged from people accusing the video of being fake to others assuming the worker accidentally gave her his lunch. "Hear me out — because you put it there. You're welcome," one TikToker wrote. Another wrote, "That dude does not care about his job he gave you his lunch leftovers and the whole thing of sauce packets."

Clearly, the bowl of mac-and-cheese didn't come from McDonald's, but in the past, the brand experimented with putting it on the menu (via CNN Business). In 2015, the cheesy kids' entrée was offered at 18 Ohio stores in a $3 Happy Meal. As of now, the product is no longer on the menu, and it's uncertain if it will return again in the future.