Domino's Just Ended The Pineapple Pizza Debate Once And For All

It is a debate that seems to have raged since the beginning of time, or possibly even before that: Is it acceptable to put pineapple on a pizza? Have you ever wondered why dinosaurs are always portrayed as roaring hysterically? That's right, they could well have been arguing about pizza toppings.

Or not, as the case may be. Although the exhaustion caused by the long-running argument certainly creates the impression that it's been perpetually present, BBC Bitesize explains that the first Hawaiian pizza (featuring ham and tinned pineapple chunks) was only imagined in 1962. But, since then, the battle between haters and lovers of the flamboyant dish has been intense and lengthy. While celebs like Rachael Ray might think pineapple pizza is a crime (via the "Rachael Ray Show" website), a number of Mashed survey participants love pineapples on pizza.

It's safe to say that Domino's should be an expert judge of what makes a good pizza – in 2021, it had the fifth-highest revenue of any quick-service restaurant in the world and ranked ahead of Pizza Hut and Papa John's in terms of customer satisfaction (via Statista). Potentially emboldened by its pizza supremacy, Domino's appears to have finally ended the pineapple pizza war.

Domino's supports pineapple on pizza

BBC Bitesize reports that a major issue with using pineapple on pizza (especially from a can) is that it triggers a sugar overload, which doesn't necessarily agree with everyone. However, Domino's has taken to Twitter to declare, in a somewhat undiplomatic tone: "if u still don't like pineapple on ur pizza plz grow up."

Despite the opportunity for Twitter grammar enthusiasts to have a field day, the majority of replies seem to be in favor of the decree, including the official account of Grubhub. Let's take Domino's opinion with a pinch of salt though: While a Twitter search shows many posts from Domino's account supporting pineapple on pizza, it has also compared the topping to an ex-partner ("i love my exes like i love pineapple: i don't") and a horror movie ("A horror movie but it's just someone eating a pineapple pizza, crust-first, dipped in ranch, with a knife & fork").

Whatever Domino's actual views on pineapple pizza, the controversial topping is reported by SWNS Digital to remain one of the most unpopular pizza ingredients in the U.S. Slice details that pineapple only appeared on 1% of pizza orders in 2021, but perhaps Domino's wish for a pineapple-dominated world will one day come true – requests for the fruit surged by 76%.