TikTok Hilariously Mocks A Frozen Cardboard Pizza

Pizza is the most popular food in the world, according to Taste Atlas, but, as we all probably know, not all pizzas are created equally. Preferences differ from person to person, with some, like chef Michael Symon, considering a New York slice to be the best in the biz while others out there find Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza to reign supreme. Regardless of which style you prefer, or which restaurant you choose to order it from, one thing we're sure many can agree on is that a freshly-made pie trumps a frozen one pretty much every time.

Now, we're not saying that there aren't any good frozen pizzas out there, but you have to admit that most just can't compare to the ones that are delivered straight to your door. Some may even say that frozen pizzas taste like cardboard — though the statement is usually purely hyperbolic when it's made. Recently, however, a TikTok user found some truth in the comparison that might make some want to ditch freezer pies altogether.

In their December 19 upload – which has since racked up more than 744,000 views — the TikToker can be seen getting ready to make a Jack's brand frozen pizza that, upon first glance, looks like a standard Meat Lover's pie. However, things quickly take a turn when the user discovers a hilarious blunder in the structure of their dinner that has others on the social media platform cracking up.

This TikToker's frozen pizza is bad no matter how you slice it

There are a number of ingredients that can majorly upgrade your frozen pizzas, but for one TikTok user, it doesn't seem like the pie they tried to make last month had much room to improve. "Looks good right?" the user says while showing off their pepperoni, sausage, beef, and cheese-topped 'za. However, just as viewers' mouths can start salivating, the Tiktoker divulged that their meal was hardly what it seemed. "Yeah, if you wanna eat cardboard," they say while revealing that the toppings were actually spread across a circular piece of cardboard rather than the crust where they belong.

TikTokers had a field day in the comments section of the upload, where several people said the 'za probably wouldn't taste much different than how it would had it been made correctly. "Gives new meaning to 'cardboard pizza,'" one person wrote. "That's the 'extra fiber' version," another teased.

According to Keeping The Peas, cardboard is a combustible material, so if the TikToker had not noticed the production mishap, the situation could have been a lot more serious than it was. But while a fire was thankfully avoided, the ordeal still ended on a sad note, as the original poster revealed that their effort to salvage their pie wasn't a success. "There was an attempt to transfer it, didn't work," they commented. Fortunately for anybody in this situation, a replacement pizza is just a phone call away.