Rihanna's Ice Cream Collab Births A New Flavor Ahead Of Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna fans are eagerly awaiting the big game on Sunday, February 12. But for those who can't wait for the Super Bowl halftime show to get their Rihanna fix, there's another way to bring a little bit of RiRi to your living room this winter. According to 2022 research by the National Retail Federation, of the 184.5 million people who intended to watch the 2022 Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVI), 18% were there just to watch the legendary entertainment at the halftime show. Since demand for tickets to the fabled event increased by 9,900% since Rihanna was announced as the halftime act, we can probably safely expect that percentage to be much higher this year (per Hyperbae).

It has been years since Rihanna has performed live, so this event is breaking what's being called a "drought" by fans (per Billboard). The word on the street is that the new mom is back in a big way, with talk that she may be a Coachella headliner this year or even hitting the road for a stadium tour. In the meantime, fans will take any scrap of RiRi they can get their hands on and now you can take home a piece of the action, straight to your freezer.

Rihanna-approved ice cream

Rihanna collaborated with Madison Brown Ice Cream to create a flavor that tastes good and does good, too. The flavor, which is Rihanna's favorite according to a press release sent to Mashed, is a Neapolitan with a twist. The ice cream features the classic delicious blend of vanilla and strawberry, but instead of regular chocolate, it gets the Rihanna treatment with a decadent chocolate crunch ribbon. The back of each carton features something special for fans: Rihanna's signature.

But these treats are more than just tasty — every purchase does something good for the planet as well. All profits from the flavor, called Neapolitan Swirl, will be donated to Rihanna's charity in support of climate initiatives in the Caribbean and the United States and to help communities face natural disasters.

The ice cream company is run by Jay Jay Brown, son of Roc Nation founder Jay Brown. Rihanna is represented by Roc Nation. They also represent a slew of other big name musical acts, including but hardly limited to, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Megan Thee Stallion, and DJ Khaled (per Roc Nation).

The flavor is available from GoPuff, Walmart.com, and select BevMo and H-E-B locations and retails for $8.99.