The Aldi Peaches That Have Customers Returning In Droves

In America, Georgia is well known for its sweet, juicy peaches. Nicknamed the "peach state," it has long enjoyed being the top association with the fleshy fruit (via State Symbol USA). However, Georgia may soon have competition from grocery giant Aldi after its latest release of peaches has fans buying them in droves. 

Specially Selected, Aldi's store brand, has re-released jarred peaches. Per a Facebook post from a shopper, the item appears to come in three varieties: almonds and natural amaretto flavor, vanilla, and cinnamon. Based on the responses in a thread on Reddit, fans are excited about its return. This isn't the grocer's first foray into peach-flavored goodness because Aldi peach pie wine had fans freaking out when it was released. Previously, the peaches were used to promote Aldi's "Charcuterie Board must haves" in 2020 (via Instagram). Let's examine why folks are excited about the jarred goodie's return and how they are eating them.

Aldi's peaches make everything better.

The return of Aldi jarred peaches came with a revamped look. The last jars were more oval-shaped, while the new jar is more traditional. However, this change wasn't welcomed by everyone. One fan on Reddit stated, "Wish they hadn't changed the jar. It was much prettier in years past. I like to reuse them for spice blend gifts, but these are just meh." 

When discussing the ways to enjoy them, users had a variety of suggestions. "They're delicious on waffles!" one user declared. For folks with a sweet tooth, one user advised, "I make peach cobbler with these. Absolutely delicious." The flavor pairing of almonds with peaches may be great as they share many similarities because they both come from the Rosaceae family (via Foodiosity). 

Fans also praised the peaches with cinnamon. "We got the Peaches with cinnamon. So very good," said one user. It should be noted that since the peaches are jarred and not canned, many fans felt that this improved the overall experience. This is best summed by a user who stated, "They're more firm than canned and taste better ..." Whether you love them straight out of the jar or in your favorite pastry, these shoppers seem to think these peaches are worth a try.