Culver's Switches Allegiance From Pepsi To Coke

Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? Tupac or Biggie? These are a few of the most extensive media rivalries from the last few decades; However, one stands tall above them all–Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola.

For years, the two have worked on eating into the other's market share using celebrity endorsements, product placement, and Super Bowl Ads. According to The Economist, the decades-long battle between the two soft drink giants resulted from an intentional marketing campaign by former PepsiCo leader Donald Kendall. In 1975, he led the company to begin their famous "Pepsi Challenge," a blind taste test of Pepsi and Coca-Cola (via Investopedia). The stroke of genius worked as it helped Pepsi become a viable competitor to Coca-Cola.

An everyday reminder of their rivalry is with the food industry. If you've ever wondered why a restaurant doesn't sell both Pepsi and Coke, the answer is simple, money. By agreeing not to serve the competitor's beverages, restaurants can secure additional discounts. While many restaurants become known for selling one over the other, famed restaurant Culver's has announced it's making a change.

Culver's big beverage overhaul

According to Post Crescent, the Wisconsin-based family restaurant Culver's will be swapping out its Pepsi offerings in favor of Coca-Cola. With almost 900 locations across 26 states, the company advised the transition would not be overnight but did not provide a time frame for completion. The company reassured consumers that signature and non-Pepsi drinks would remain on the menu. Still, considering Pepsi and Coke have ardent followers, the news was met with a mixed reaction on Twitter. Since Coke is offered at more restaurants than Pepsi, the disappointment is understandable (via Business Insider).

"Culvers switching from Pepsi to Coke is more heartbreaking than getting cheated on," tweeted one user after learning about the change. Some questioned if Pepsi was secretly to blame for the change. "What is Pepsi doing?? First Arbys now culvers?? Shame," wrote a disappointed fan in a tweet. Not all responses were negative. Fans of Coke, especially Diet Coke, were excited. "I can get a Diet Coke with my Culver's now? This is a peak moment for me. Perfection is possible," tweeted one fan. Hopefully, once the initial shock wears off, Culver's is able to retain its devoted fanbase.