Reddit Is Wholeheartedly In Love With Aldi's Ice Cream

With the USDA's recent prediction that food-at-home prices will increase between three and four percent in 2023 (via Economic Research Service USDA), some savvy grocery shoppers may be looking for opportunities to scrimp and save. One of the ways consumers are tackling climbing costs is by heading to discount stores. Last fall, Reuters reported that discount supermarket chain Aldi indicated its sales rose over the previous 12 months thanks to attracting a million new customers in the face of inflation.

If some of those new customers made their way to Aldi's freezer section, then they may have been tempted to pick up a pint or two of ice cream. A look at the Aldi's website reveals a variety of ice cream options to choose from including one line that might not be entirely dissimilar to Ben & Jerry's. While eating ice cream may be a mostly subjective experience, a recent subject on Reddit centered on tasty ice cream flavors from the discount chain.

Reddit has the scoop on Aldi's best ice cream flavors

If you've ever kicked yourself for not trying something earlier in life, then you may be able to relate to a recent ice cream conversation that took place online. A Reddit user posted an image of Aldi's Sundae Shoppe Cookies & Cream ice cream with the caption, "ummm I did not realize this is insanely good?? never tried buying aldi ice cream before today." Another Redditor took the opportunity to back the cookies and cream flavor by responding, "This stuff is some of the best C&C I've ever had!"

Additional recommendations flooded the thread, and Redditors replied with a host of Aldi ice cream insights. The response, "Just wait until you try the super premium," offered the original poster something to look forward to, while a list of  flavor favorites was mentioned and upvoted including "super premium vanilla," "mint chocolate chip," and "knock off cherry garcia." (We're thinking that last one refers to the chain's Thank You Cherry Much! flavor.)

For a little sprinkle of added input, consumer expert Clark Howard posted a video test tasting Aldi's Make Fudge Not War ice cream flavor on and ultimately choosing it over both Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's. While ice cream taste may lie in the preference of the cone holder, saving money on something that tastes good certainly hits the sweet spot.