The Store-Bought Ingredient That Makes TikTok's Little Caesar's Copycat Cheesy Bread So Easy

When you think of the most popular pizza chains in the United States, restaurants like Papa John's, Domino's, and Pizza Hut likely come to mind first. However, according to a survey by Boost Agency, none of the above are Americans' favorite pizza joint. The poll found that Little Caesar's is the number one spot to order a pie in 16 states, making it the top overall across the country. The chain is famous for its affordable "Hot-N-Ready" pizzas, which come in a variety of flavors and toppings.

However, there's more to Little Caesar's than just pizza. The menu also offers desserts, breadsticks, wings, and more. One of the most loved items at the national chain is its Italian cheese bread. Covered in cheesy, garlicky goodness, it's a popular appetizer order. But you can also make Little Caesar's cheese bread at home — and the recipe, popularized on TikTok, involves a common store-bought ingredient. Here's what you need for the homemade version of the doughy delight.

It comes in a can ready to use

According to TikTokers, the secret to recreating Little Caesar's cheese bread is an ingredient you can find at almost every grocery store: refrigerated canned pizza dough. A TikTok video by @whatsmomcookin shows how to use the pre-made dough to recreate the Italian appetizer at home. They roll out the Pilsbury pizza crust, spread the garlic sauce and cheese on top, bake it in the oven, and then use a pizza cutter to slice the cheesy dough into the desired number of slices.

TikTokers aren't the only ones to hack the Little Caesar's cheese bread recipe with pizza dough in a can — plenty of other food bloggers also recommend the easy-to-find ingredient. The blogger at I'm Hungry For That likes it because using pre-made dough reduces the prep time to just 10 minutes and yields 24 breadsticks, which is actually more than double the pieces you'd get in an order from Little Caesar's.