Why You Should Always Measure Out Coffee Beans

A morning ritual for millions of people, a cup of coffee is a surefire way to kickstart your day with energy and flavor. Whether you take it hot and black or cold with cream, there are dozens of techniques for making robust, crave-worthy coffee. Some people enjoy the ease of a Keurig or a simple coffee maker while others enjoy the traditional feel of a pour-over or the hands-on experience of a French press. Not only are the tools we use for coffee versatile, but the coffee itself is also adaptable.

Instant coffee is perfect for busy mornings and pre-ground coffee eases the burden of grinding up coffee beans. However, Java Press says using whole coffee beans for your morning cup of joe boosts flavor and gives you more agency over its potency making it a perfect choice for the advanced coffee sommelier. But when it comes to using whole beans for coffee, there are few reasons why you should always measure out the beans.

Measuring coffee beans gives you better flavor and reduces food waste

Although it might seem easier to just throw a random handful of beans into the coffee grinder, mindfully measuring out how much you actually need will give you a better flavor and reduce unnecessary food waste. Once you determine how strong you prefer your coffee, you can master the art of consistency by using that exact amount of beans each day. According to Sunny Sweet Days, not measuring out enough coffee beans will give you a flat, watery flavor as opposed to the rich, earthy, and full-bodied flavor that your morning ritual deserves.

When you make a batch of coffee that doesn't match your taste, you run the risk of ruining a batch of coffee and wasting the beans altogether. Although mistakes happen, Feeding America reports that 119 billion pounds of food in America is wasted annually which further exacerbates the country's rising rates of food insecurity and the ongoing climate crisis. If you're not sure how many beans you should grind for your coffee, Kitchen Aid advises measuring out four tablespoons of ground coffee for about six ounces of coffee.

Enjoy an irresistibly flavorful coffee every morning while simultaneously protecting the earth and its people by measuring out your coffee beans.