Skittles Hilariously Responds To M&M's Spokescandies Drama

Almost exactly one year ago, in late January 2022, M&M's parent company Mars announced some minor image changes to its iconic chocolatey spokescandies (per CNN). While all of the M&M's experienced some change to their footwear, some as simple as the addition of laces to the same style of shoes they wore before, the female M&M's experienced the most change — and the most backlash. The brown M&M's character, introduced in 2012, has traded in her platform pumps for a sensible low heel. But it was the green M&M's appearance that really transformed in the last year. 

For 15 years after her introduction in 1997, the green M&M was the lone female of the group, and she therefore brought all the girl power the brand needed and then some (per Observer). Her original look included high-heeled go-go boots, visibly painted, glossy lips, and tight-fitted gloves, a contrast to the almost inflated looking gloves worn by male characters. Green's 2022 upgrade gave her a natural lip and on-trend white sneakers. Along with revamping their female characters, Mars promised to shift their representation in the brand.

And Mars made good on its promise, even introducing another female character, the purple M&M, in September 2023 (per YouTube). This new female character sported lace-up boots. The three revamped ladies even appeared in the first-ever all-female pack together. Unfortunately, it appears that America just wasn't ready for female anthropomorphized candies that aren't in sky-high heels and lipstick.

Skittles pays homage to the spokescandies

Sadly, due to the massive backlash the brand has experienced, including from Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson alleging that the female M&M's are now "a lesbian" and "obese," Mars announced via Twitter that it will be putting the famous spokescandies on indefinite standby (per Twitter). Even as M&M's announced the pivot from its inclusion-aimed campaign, Twitter was quick to clap back with responses, including, "If you actually needed a cartoon piece of candy to help you feel special and 'included' in the first place, seek help immediately" (via Twitter). In the wake of the spokescandies removal, actress Maya Rudolph will be taking over as a live, non-candy spokesperson for the brand.

But aren't we all, in our human politics, forgetting the true victims here? Well, not Skittles. The brand had some kind words for the belittled and now shelved spokescandies. Reminiscent of many politicians today, Skittles' statement read, "Our thoughts go out to spokescandies." Thoughts and prayers, folks.