The Watchmen-Inspired Inkblot Bar That TikTok Desperately Wants To Try

Adapted from a comic book and graphic novel before eventually receiving a movie rendition, "The Watchmen" has an international bar that's had people talking since they learned of it. "The Watchmen," first created in 1986, was based on historical events, though not in the traditional form. Instead, it depicts an alternate reality in which key moments of the 1900s ended in different ways. It featured a superhero group called the Crimebusters, which included a character named Rorschach. Rorschach was named for psychologist Hermann Rorschach, who was responsible for the inkblot test (via Men's Health).

This isn't the first bar to draw inspiration from pop culture. In Edinburgh, Scotland, a bar named The Cocktail Geeks operates with an ever-changing theme, and in late 2022, the subject was "The Lord of the Rings," (via Daily Record). A similar bar, according to Daily Echo, is based on "The Hobbit," and it can be found in Southampton, England. Since TikTok got ahold of "The Watchmen" bar, people have been digging deep to learn more about the Prague pub, which only exists because of the movie.

Cure what ails you

At "The Watchmen" inspired AnonymouS Shrink's Office, you're never truly sure what you're going to get. That's because, as revealed in a TikTok, your menu is actually a series of inkblots similar to the mask worn by Rorschach's character in the comic book. In the video posted by TikToker natisstyle, a patron and her friends take turns reviewing their inkblots and guessing what type of beverage they represent. One was a unique popcorn-flavored beverage while another was simply a mimosa

Per Prague Stay, the AnonymouS Shrink's Office is modeled after a speakeasy which is situated in a cellar accessible via a secret door. To receive an inkblot, you simply tell your bartender (or "therapist") what ails you, and they'll whip up an alcoholic beverage (or "medicine"). If you're not interested in ordering via inkblot test, you can request your drink in a traditional way — though that would take away some of the charm, right?

The comments were full of people who have either visited or really want to. "So mad I didn't know about this place's existence when I was in Prague," a user wrote. "I am going to Prague next year!! I am so excited!" wrote another. One comment read, "I loved this place in Prague, so fun and so good!" Another user had a memorable story from her time at the bar. "When I was here I accidentally locked the host out of the secret entrance," they wrote.