TikTok Is Calling These Dollar Tree Parfait Cups A Must Have

For many shoppers, Dollar Tree is the go-to store when you need a few items fast and cheap, and don't want to go to Walmart. Balloons, gift bags, party decorations, Advil, candy, and other snacks are just a few of the commonly purchased items. The stores are small with just a few aisles, and you can be in and out in a few minutes. Many of the products sold at Dollar Tree are also available at other retailers, but sometimes you'll find items that aren't, with some unexpected features.

One Dollar Tree customer came across a yogurt cup that she liked so much, she bought four of them and posted about them on TikTok, calling the find a "must have." At first glance, the cups look like the cheap, plastic cups that Dairy Queen serves its Peanut Buster Parfaits in. Nothing worthy of a TikTok post, but as the video progresses, she demonstrates that they're so much more than that.

The cups offers a few fun surprises

The 84-second TikTok video shows the Dollar Tree customer unscrewing the lid to the cup, revealing a plastic spoon clipped into the top. Surprise #1. She then begins making parfaits by filling two cups with yogurt and fruit toppings and topping them off with honey. In the other two cups, she pours milk, oats, honey, cinnamon, and fruit.

Then she unscrews the base of each lid, revealing a separate compartment. Surprise #2. She pours granola, raisins, and other ingredients into the four lids and screws them back onto the cups and clips the spoons back in. And just like that, she has four nicely compartmentalized meals/snacks for the next four days using yogurt cups from Dollar Tree. Surprise #3.

Many viewers applauded the find and her demonstration. One commented, "I need this," while another said, "Let me just buy them allll!" Another responded with, "ok I'm sold, omw to dollar tree." But unfortunately, others claimed their local Dollar Tree didn't carry them. Although this shopper made yogurt parfaits and oatmeal, there are so many other possibilities that these cups offer, including Jell-O parfaits and salads. Experimentation encouraged!