This Is What Jill Biden Really Eats

If you're looking for some New Year's inspiration for how to sustain your mind body, and spirit, then look no further than the current first lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden. With her dedication to moderation in all aspects of life, staying active, sharing knowledge, and helping others, per Parade, it seems like the FLOTUS knows what's up.

Take, for example, Dr. Biden's gift to former First Lady, Michelle Obama: A decadent basket of produce from The White House vegetable garden, per Vanity Fair. This garden was Michelle's baby, as noted by The Washington Post, and luckily continued to grow and thrive through multiple transfers of power. When it comes to cooking, Dr. Biden is a lady who takes matters into her own hands. The kitchen is her turf, and when she prepares meals, winging it is the only way (and we're not talking about chicken wings, either).

As cliché as it sounds, Dr. Biden embodies the concepts that food is love, sharing is caring, and knowledge is power. She's the classic embodiment of aging gracefully by listening to and taking care of herself in the most rational way. Of course, she's only human, so it's only natural to reward yourself after a hard day's work, right? Are you curious to know what the first lady eats every day? You should be. Because she's doing it right and believes that you can, too.

Breakfast is required

While no meal is technically better than others, there are quite a few benefits to eating a good, solid morning meal before you begin your day (via Medical News Today). That's because skimping on nutrients in the morning actually puts you at risk for obesity, coronary issues, and diabetes (which is pretty bad news for the roughly 15% of Americans who forgo this particular meal, per Science Daily). What's even worse is that people who don't get a morning serving of fiber-filled fruits, whole grains, healthy proteins, or get vitamin C typically forgo eating these types of foods throughout the rest of the day. Individuals who do partake in a healthy breakfast are more likely to have a regular circadian rhythm (and get better sleep), dodge that mid-morning crash (and the desire to snack), and be more vigilant about their overall health.  

Dr. Biden knows that food is fuel, so she makes sure to pack her breakfast with nutrient-dense foods. Toast and low-fat Greek yogurt are common options, per Marie Claire. But it's not uncommon for her to make a quick bowl of cereal or an egg-related dish for herself and President Biden (who noted to People that he's lacking a bit when it comes to his cooking skills). 

So is a cup of coffee

Another non-negotiable component of Dr. Biden's morning routine is enjoying a cup of joe (no pun intended) with the POTUS, as mentioned by CNN. If you're confused about whether coffee is a good or a bad thing, this beverage is no stranger to controversy. According to an article published by the Harvard School of Public Health, java is safe to drink in moderation (roughly three to five cups a day or 400mg of caffeine). It's a source of vitamin B2 and magnesium, promotes alertness, could possibly help fight chronic disease, and is even part of the Healthy Eating Plate. That being said, too much of the brown stuff can incite jitteriness, agitation, and insomnia.

Enjoying coffee is about more than just getting a morning fix. It's part of a daily ritual that Dr. Biden and the POTUS maintain. The relationship blog Marriage states that enjoying some quality time with your significant other can improve communication, lower stress, benefit your mental health, and strengthen your relationship. Quality time can be anything from going on a walk to watching a movie to even enjoying a cup of coffee. Verywellfit says that having a morning ritual can prevent burnout and lead a more successful and meaningful life.

She won't skimp on veggies

Vegetables should make at least 50% of your diet, writes Well+Good. If you don't like vegetables, you're going to have to switch that mentality, stat. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans treat meat as the star of the show and make veggies and healthy carbs take supporting roles. 

It's apparent that Dr. Jill Biden knows the benefits of eating a colorful assortment of vegetables. Per EatingWell, vegetables benefit your eyes, skin, digestion, immune system, and blood sugar, and can also help reduce your risk of getting cancer. The FLOTUS always makes sure to serve a nice green salad with her hearty Sunday suppers, per Parade.

While the FLOTUS won't turn a cold shoulder to any vegetable-based meal, the same can't be said for the Commander in Chief. Sure, President Biden loves a good, healthy salad, but he's made sure that staff doesn't serve any leafy greens at events because he's afraid of getting spinach stuck in his teeth, writes Yahoo! News. And in his defense, that's a totally legit reason to avoid that particular type of vegetable.

Fruit is a staple in the White House

While vegetables are a major part of what Dr. Jill Biden regularly consumes, let's not forget about fruit. According to The Washington Post, the food items that are stocked in the White House pantry and refrigerator are pretty much on par with whatever you'd pick up at any typical grocery store. Things like Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Special K, low-fat yogurt, sliced deli cheese, eggs, peanut butter, and grape jelly are all in there, snuggled up next to the Häagen-Dazs. That being said, there's a major emphasis on keeping the fruit drawer stocked, too. There are grapes as well as an assortment of apples. 

Both grapes and apples are packed with nutrients. Healthline states that grapes in particular can benefit your heart by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. These sweet little globes are also packed with antioxidants that could possibly combat cancer. Apples, too, are rich in polyphenols, which are major players when it comes to protecting you against chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. They're also a great source of vitamin E and fiber. 

She makes sure to stay hydrated

The human body is between 50% to 70% water, per the Mayo Clinic. It's commonly repeated that people should follow the eight glasses of water per day rule (which Healthline refers to as the eight by eight rule). But that doesn't quite make sense, because bodies are all different shapes and sizes. So does it really surprise you that your water needs will actually vary depending on how much you weigh? Looks like it's time to throw that old water rubric out the window, folks. According to the CDC, water helps to keep your joints and ligaments working properly by providing lubrication and protects important organs and tissues. Staying properly hydrated also helps you feel fuller longer and can help boost your energy level.

Being an active and on-the-go individual, Dr. Jill Biden knows that hydration is essential for overall well-being, per Parade. She runs, attends barre classes, and also cycles, per Instagram. So it's only obvious that drinking plenty of the good stuff is also part of her daily routine.

Healthy fats are her optimal snack food

According to Parade, Dr. Jill Biden tries to keep her diet filled with healthy and nutrient-dense food like fruits and vegetables, though one can only imagine how difficult that is to accomplish this when you're the first lady of the United States and running from place to place (or rather, country to country). Let's face it: Cut-up fruits and vegetables aren't really that easy to grab and stash in your purse when you're headed out with no real idea of when you'll have access to refrigeration. It's probably also not a good idea to have a Secret Service member act as your designated snack holder (but it's always nice to keep that option open).

The FLOTUS thinks smart and snacks on almonds when she's on the go. Per serving, almonds are more nutritious than cashews, pecans, macadamias, and pretty much any other tree nut, per EatingWell. They're high in fiber, protein, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and unsaturated fats (the healthy kind). Almonds are known to curb hunger cravings, lower blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and also help with weight loss. The extra perk here is that they're portable and won't leave a juicy mess. 

She's not afraid to carbo-load

Carbs are not the enemy, and the FLOTUS knows this. For an active person like her, carbohydrates are necessary for the body to function. Simply put, they provide your body with energy so you can keep going, per the Mayo Clinic

Both Dr. Jill Biden and the president have an affinity for any pasta with red sauce. The president loves angel hair and Dr. Biden can make some epic hearty Italian fare, per The Washington Post. She loves carbs so much that she even instructed kids in Naples on the proper way to make ravioli (via the Associated Press). No doubt pasta has been a comfort food for her since her youth. Dr. Biden also understands that food is fuel. When you run five miles a day, five times a week, as Dr. Biden told Runner's World she tries to do, or attend spin and barre classes, you're going to inevitably crash and burn mid-workout if you don't have anything in the tank.

A glass of vino or a martini are fine

After a long day at work, or when you're preparing dinner, it's only natural to want to enjoy a glass of wine (or a martini if it's been an especially stressful day). The first lady doesn't mind having an adult beverage while she's cooking dinner, notes The Washington Post. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Dr. Biden quipped that she was looking forward to a martini and some french fries once the pandemic mellowed out, per People. The next time she appeared on Clarkson's show, the host surprised her with midday martinis and fries.

Psychology Today writes that having something to look forward to can keep you from falling into a funk. It can also give you a sense of optimism about things that are yet to come, per HuffPost. Most importantly, knowing that there's a tiny reward waiting for you at the end of another grueling day actually acts as a motivator to keep you going. So go ahead, reward yourself with that glass of wine (or jog, or snuggle, or Pop-Tart) because you deserve it.

Moderation is key

Dr. Jill Biden may eat healthy, but it's already been established that she's no stranger to the occasional martini. She enjoys big, chunky oatmeal cookies, too, per The Boston Globe, and tells Self that she believes the old adage "everything in moderation." While this particular phrase seems to rub some people the wrong way, if you take it for what it is, the advice is pretty matter-of-fact. It's also important to note that it doesn't always have to apply to food (like most people assume it does).

In a nutshell, the moderation idiom essentially means that you take the middle way. Like Goldilocks and the three bears: there's too much, too little, and just right. When applying that to what you're putting into your body, you want to achieve overall balance. You can avoid overindulging in food or drink that might harm your organs while allowing yourself to enjoy those same foods every once in a while. Just remember that Hippocrates, the founder of western medicine, stated that food is medicine, per the Greek City Times.

She makes a killer chicken Parmesan

It's already been established that the FLOTUS is not afraid of some good carbohydrates. Having grown up in the presence of a true Italian grandmother (on her paternal side) Dr. Jill Biden learned the proper way to make homemade pasta, per the Associated Press, a craft that she honed and utilized for family dinners. Who doesn't love fresh homemade pasta?

But if it's one dish that Dr. Biden is known for, it's her hearty, yet quite easy to make, chicken Parmesan, which has graced her Instagram account. Dr. Jill Biden's recipe is a Sunday dinner staple and is made with boneless skinless chicken breasts that have been pounded flat, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, Italian breadcrumbs (of course), canned tomatoes, and basil. One unique twist in Dr. Biden's recipe is that she actually puts grated mozzarella into the crumb mixture she breads the chicken cutlets in. You have to assume that there's a whole heaping amount of love thrown in there too.

The occasional splurge is fine

Per an interview with Runner's World, Dr. Jill Biden tries making healthy lifestyle choices like eating well and exercising. But she doesn't eat healthy foods exclusively. For the FLOTUS, her favorite comfort food is a classic french fry. In an interview with Drew Barrymore, both the POTUS and FLOTUS played a game called The Final Five, where they each had to answer a question about their significant other. Dr. Biden made it a point to explain to her hubby that french fries are considered her favorite snack (he guessed it was wine). 

While Dr. Biden may also enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, President Biden is all about the ice cream. (He loves this stuff so much that he gave it up for Lent in 2022, per America Magazine). It's okay to splurge every once in a while because everything is good in moderation. You can't deprive yourself of your favorite foods just because you're living in the White House. 

She enjoys feeding others

From serving Thanksgiving dinner, per Republic World, to handing out cookies or tutoring kids in the fine art of ravioli making, Dr. Jill Biden clearly enjoys feeding the people. Who wouldn't? Preparing and serving food is a great way to bond with other people. Sure, Dr. Biden might not be working elbow to elbow with the White House catering chefs for these events, but she's front and center when it comes to providing tasty meals.

In honor of wounded veterans, Dr. Jill Biden hosted a Memorial Day cookout and prepared dishes alongside chef and veteran Sunny Anderson, per Food Network. She of course incorporated her favorite Italian foods like pasta Caprese salad and mini grilled pizzas but also tossed in some sweet and spicy nuts for those who were looking for a nice energy-packed snack to nibble on. It's easy to see that she's a woman who wants to make sure everyone is eating well.

She's all about holiday meals

Celebrating the holidays with relatives and copious amounts of food might not be everyone's idea of a good time, but it's something that Dr. Jill Biden lives for. You could chalk it up to her Italian roots or perhaps the past tragedies that have been woven into the Biden family tapestry. If it's not already obvious, the FLOTUS is a firm believer in cooking being an act of love, per Twitter. Cooking for someone, no matter what it is you happen to be preparing, shows that you're invested in taking care of the person you're feeding. You're infusing your own time and energy into something that is meant to nourish another human being. This also applies to preparing meals for yourself (or your pet, if you're a paw-rent). There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal. It's something that restaurants try to duplicate but usually fail at.

Dr. Jill Biden still enjoys dyeing Easter eggs, as seen on Instagram, and The Hill reports that all the usual fixings are part of the Bidens' Thanksgiving meal. When it comes to Christmas, the festivities aren't complete without a good old-fashioned ice cream sundae bar. (Yes, you read correctly.) The FLOTUS dished to Rachel Ray that the first family forgoes baking cookies and instead celebrates Christmas Eve with a very elaborate sundae bar, complete with hand-scooped balls of ice cream.