The Absolute Worst Thing To Order On A First Date

Initial impressions are everything on a first date, and of course, you want to ensure that you make a positive one in the event you hope to procure a second rendezvous. Punctuality is a major consideration, and showing up late to your scheduled activity will immediately start you off on the wrong foot.

And since many first dates involve dinner or a meal or snack of some kind, practicing at least basic dining etiquette will help your cause. Be conscious of your table manners, per Elite Daily, including not chewing with your mouth open and keeping your elbows off the table. Place that napkin onto your lap and use utensils where applicable — no hand-shoveling mouthfuls of rice into your craw at the Asian restaurant just because you can't figure out the chopsticks. Cut your losses and use a fork. Also, no matter how hungry you may be, it's courteous to wait for both of you to have your food before you begin eating (via Allwomenstalk).

And if you do agree to sit down for a meal on a first date, remember that there are certain foods you should probably avoid at all costs.

Spice isn't nice for a first date

Chicken wings are hopefully on everyone's radar as a food that just doesn't make sense for a first date. For most people, there's nothing attractive or appealing about a face slathered in buffalo or BBQ sauce or someone licking honey mustard residue off their fingers. Save those messy chicken wings for when you're in a committed relationship and they've begun to accept your flaws and lip-smacking imperfections.

While chicken wings are a dubious choice, the absolute worst thing to order on a first date has to be extra spicy foods, at least according to The Takeout. Peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical that warms your body temperature and induces sweat. It may also trigger watery eyes and a runny nose (per WebMD).

Sure, it may clear your sinuses, but dripping bodily fluids into your meal isn't likely to earn you a second date. Plus, it may even give you heartburn or indigestion later (via Healthline). Though you may be tempted to unleash that inner pepper head who can stand the heat enough to win a free t-shirt or get their picture up on a "Wall of Flame," but perhaps it's best to reserve such spicy behavior for a night out with friends.