The Twisted Steak Dish The Pasta Queen Is Calling A 'Disgrace'

Perhaps one of the biggest crimes of all is one committed against food. A "food crime" is what happens when you combine weird ingredients to make a meal that is destined for the trash, as the video creator Trinity Jae puts it. People who commit such culinary atrocities are often driven by a desire to relive their childhood food experiences, per ABC News. Or, as Restaurant Clicks puts it, they might just be curious to try new food combinations. These food offenses often find their way to social platforms like Reddit or TikTok to bear judgment before the court of the internet. A few popular food crimes that we won't be forgetting anytime soon include the TikTok famous combination of Pepsi and milk, Seth Meyers's disgusting Grrls cocktail, and — of course — the chicken in tea combo on Reddit that our eyes just can't unsee.

While the internet is full of all sorts of food felonies, some of the most appalling ones, however, seek to tarnish pasta's good name. When it comes to pasta-related crimes, though, the only opinion that likely matters is that of Nadia Caterina Munno, aka The Pasta Queen. The Pasta Queen's horrified reaction to one twisted steak and pasta dish tells us that maybe pasta and meat each deserve their own pans. 

The Pasta Queen desperately calls out to her Nonna to save her

Nadia Caterina Munno, popularly known as The Pasta Queen, specializes in bringing mouth-watering Italian recipes to your fingertips in the form of short tutorials. She has over 2.6 million TikTok followers, and part of Munno's mass fan following can be attributed to her amusing reaction videos to food crimes involving pasta.

In one such TikTok video, Munno watches in horror as the perpetrator adds an egg to the middle of a steak in an otherwise dry pan. There are many great cuts of steak, but "egg in the hole" is not one we thought we'd see in this lifetime. "No! It's a disgrace," Munno shouts as the cook begins to pour dry macaroni and milk into the pan surrounding the steak. Just when we thought that it couldn't any worse, the chef doubles down by adding salt and chunks of butter on top of the steak. The chef then finishes the twisted steak dish off by sprinkling powdered cheese over the pasta on the sides of the pan. Truly anything but "just gorgeous." The poorly cooked steak and equally poorly made macaroni and cheese on the side are enough to make The Pasta Queen cry. "The ingredients are refusing to mix together," Munno notes toward the end of the video. "I'm leaving," she says before running off.