TikTok Can't Hold In The Anger Over A $10 Crunchwrap Supreme

The recent success of shows like "The Tindler Swindler," "Inventing Anna," and "The Dropout" highlights consumers' fascination with the rise and fall of scammers. And while these shows zero in on individuals, there are examples of corporate fraud. According to WTOP, notable brands like Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, and Enron have all been embroiled in scandals. As a result of the aforementioned, consumers have become alert to the warning signs, calling businesses out when they suspect a scam. And that's precisely what happened with a Taco Bell in Seattle after users on TikTok caught wind of its practices.

In short, this particular Taco Bell disabled the ability to order on the Taco Bell app (via Daily Dot). When patrons arrived at the location, they were shocked that prices were much higher than expected. This included a $10 Crunchwrap Supreme. For context, a Crunchwrap Supreme is usually half that price. 

So, what can cause such price variance? According to Insider, franchisees can set prices based on various variables, including rent and wages. This Taco Bell exercised this right in a way that angered many on TikTok.

This $10 Crunchwrap Supreme just isn't adding up

After the video went viral on TikTok, some argued that the prices might reflect it being in a wealthy neighborhood, but residents familiar with the Taco Bell quickly shut that down. "Everyone keeps saying Queen Anne is a wealthy area, but y'all, it's in lower Queen Anne on Mercer!!! I live across the street; it's not a rich area, lmao," stated a local user.

Many fans opined about a nearby Taco Bell priced more in line with what they expect to pay. As a result, they bypass the Queen Anne store for savings at the other location. "It's wild because the Ballard location that's ~15 minutes away, a cheesy Gordita is $5.19, and crunch wrap supreme is $5.89!" said one user. Another user echoed this statement saying, "This is the closest Taco Bell to me! I drive 5 minutes in the other direction to the Ballard one instead!"

Adding more context to the scenario, residents advised that this Taco Bell also features an attached KFC. When discussing both, many advised that the KFC prices are also uncommon. One user summed it up well by saying, "...you should see the KFC pricing attached to this Taco Bell, it's even worse." 

With so much attention on this location and its prices, it will be interesting to see if any changes get made.