A TikToker Spilled The Tea On Her 15-Year French Laundry Reservation

With the recently announced eventual closing of high-end Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma and the release of the dark comedy satire "The Menu," people are sharing their experiences with the ever-inaccessible world of fine dining. Because these restaurants are inherently difficult to get into — thanks to their prohibitive costs and typically only being available in a select few primary markets like Manhattan, Los Angeles, Paris, and Copenhagen — the only way to get a taste, so to speak, is through the accounts of others. 

TikTokker Mrs. Medeiros shared her hysterical account of dining at the famed Noma, including colorful commentary like, "This is hot broth and squirrel ferment. What is squirrel ferment? Is it actual squirrel? I don't know," and, "This is a duck breast still attached to the wing. This one honestly bothered me because the wing doesn't add anything except for theatrical nihilism." Commenters couldn't get enough, sharing jokes about the both sparse and obscenely indulgent menu. "Why do the rich like to eat like they don't have money?" quipped user @pudgy_tulip. 

So, when Medeiros uploaded a video sharing her experience of the famed The French Laundry, we couldn't wait to hear everything.

The French Laundry verdict

The French Laundry is headed up by Thomas Keller, a world-renowned chef and winner of the 1997 Best Chef in America title, awarded by the James Beard Foundation. He opened the restaurant in 1994, but the TikTok user Mrs. Medeiros first became aware of the restaurant from a 2002 episode of Anthony Bourdain's  "A Cook's Tour" where the star experienced The French Laundry experience for himself. The episode left her "obsessed" with the dream of eating there someday. Medeiros states, "I would say it shot to the top of my bucket list." 

But it would be 15 years after the episode's premiere that Medeiros finally had the chance to dine at The French Laundry. Dishes included smoked salmon cornets, duck foie gras with bacon and cornbread, and smoked sturgeon. While the menu is certainly high-end and completely over the top, we were pleasantly surprised to see how much of it looked like, well, food. One commenter, JP, summarized it nicely: "I mean, this is fancy but it's food. You're not being served pine needles."

Though at astronomic prices, the experience at The French Laundry did not disappoint Medeiros, who keeps a framed copy of the menu she enjoyed that night hung in her home. She ends her commentary of the night with, "It was the best meal of my life, and it was worth the 15 year wait to get there."