What To Look For When Buying A Quality Springform Cake Pan

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At a certain level, bakers require specific tools that are necessary to complete their projects. Just like you can't carry out a recipe without all the ingredients, you'll also hit roadblocks if you lack the proper equipment.

Items that range from measuring cups and spoons to whisks will take your baking to the next tier, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Novice bakers, in particular, should have the basics to set themselves up for success, regardless of whether you're preparing pastry, cakes, cookies, or all of the above.

In fact, if you're planning to whip up a cake or confection that holds up on its own after it sets, you'll need a springform pan, MasterClass reported. This baking pan has a circular bottom that releases from a taller outer rim. It's great for making dishes like cheesecake and tarts. But before you set out to elevate your baking game and purchase a springform pan, it's important to know the qualities that make this pan effective.

Look for leak proof when shopping for a springform

Before you prep your ingredients for a cake that stands on its own outside of its pan, make sure you have a springform on hand, King Arthur Baking Company recommended. The springform pan will hopefully keep your cake together while it sets and then allow you to remove it completely without breaking it.

The most important part of the springform pan is the perimeter of the bottom piece where it latches to the sides. When shopping for this pan, make sure you select one with a tight seal. This is because you risk your ingredients leaking out into the oven if the bottom doesn't seal with the sides perfectly. Luckily, this is an avoidable mess.

The Mashed list of The Best baking Pans in 2022 recommends a springform pan from Hiware on Amazon because it is leakproof and durable. It's also non-stick to make the release process easier and less stressful.