Ed Sheeran Will Defend His Favorite Wine No Matter What

Many people know Ed Sheeran for his show-stopping singles and his signature red hair. But underneath "international pop star," the "Shape of You" singer can add another title to his resume: fiercely loyal fan. When Sheeran loves something, he's not afraid to let his fandom be known. For instance, many "Sheerios" know that the Halifax-born star has a bit of a thing for ketchup, and not just any ketchup, but Heinz ketchup

It's the emergency condiment that Sheeran always carries with him. According to Capital FM, Sheeran's adoration for ketchup is so strong that he ensures someone on his team always has a bottle on hand. This way, "he can have it with everything from his morning sausage butty to upmarket dinners," an insider shared. Sheeran also collaborated with Heinz to create a limited supply of "Edchup" bottles, as well as release a hilarious commercial "based on his own experience" with this tomato-based sauce (via CNN). The cherry on top of the cake? Sheeran made his love for this popular condiment permanent by getting a Heinz ketchup bottle tattooed on his arm.

But ketchup isn't the only product that Sheeran has a fondness for. The "A-Team" singer also has an affinity for wine, and again, not just any wine. In a now-viral TikTok, Sheeran demonstrated just how far he would go to protect his stash of Vinca.

Ed Sheeran loves Vinca wine nearly as much as he loves ketchup

Ed Sheeran gave his followers a humorous PSA on his TikTok: never steal wine from his dressing room. In the post, an unknown person slinks into the singer's dressing room, making a beeline for Sheeran's fridge. Ominous music plays in the background. The fridge is brimming with all sorts of libations, but front and center is a whole row of Vinca Organic Wine.

As the intruder attempts to grab a can of the Vinca White Wine variety, he turns around only to be met by Sheeran himself. The "Photograph" singer stands his ground, giving the intruder a withering stare and, while doing so, holding up a knife. The bottom line? If you want to steal one of Sheeran's Vincas, you are going to have to do so over his dead body! The TikTok is fittingly captioned, "I'm always watching you."

Since Sheeran posted the video, which has 4.2 million likes, Vinca has received a lot of attention. "When we saw the videos Ed was making for all his followers, we were especially excited," co-founder Jack Green shared with The Drinks Business. "We've seen orders on our website flood in from all around the world since the viral TikTok."

This Framlingham-based brand (which happens to be Sheeran's hometown) comes in pale rosé, white, and red wine varieties, and distinguishes itself by being environmentally friendly, using recyclable cans and carbon-offset shipping (via Vinca).