Dairy Queen Is Raining Love With Its New Valentine's Day Truffle Blizzard

Just two weeks before the love-filled holiday, Dairy Queen has released Valentine's Day goodies that are sure to amplify date night. No matter your age, a trip to the nearest ice cream parlor can be a wonderful way to celebrate your love. According to Metropolitan Girls, the advantages of going out for ice cream are aplenty: it's budget friendly, it's safe, and it's a way to enjoy yourself without feeling pressured to drink — unlike dates at a restaurant or bar.

Several ice cream chains take advantage of the holiday with new menu items, yet some haven't been announced yet. In the past, Baskin-Robbins has dropped new and returning flavors that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Per a press release, last year's selection included the Secret Admirer, which was loaded with pink cake flavor and rose ice cream. 

Because Baskin-Robbins hasn't made an announcement yet, it's unclear what the new monthly flavor will be. But if Dairy Queen Blizzards are more your style, you'll be excited to hear about the chain's new additions.

Custom cakes are available as well

On Monday, January 30, Dairy Queen unveiled its upcoming Valentine's Day menu (via People). Two new products making the menu are the triple truffle Blizzard treat and the triple truffle Blizzard cupid cake, which is a heart-shaped ice cream cake with similar flavors. Inspired by annual candy boxes, the triple truffle Blizzard includes peanut butter, fudge, and caramel mixed with truffle and topped with chocolate. The cake is practically the same, though it's made with an extra layer of ingredients.

If you're not a fan of these flavors, rest assured, you can still celebrate Valentine's Day with an alternative heart-shaped cake. As explained on Dairy Queen's website, a standard heart cake has a fudgy, crunchy core with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. To make it exclusively yours, you can choose the message for the top, as well as switch up the design to fit your needs. No matter which direction you end up going, your ice cream-loving date will surely be impressed come Valentine's Day.