Anya Taylor-Joy Gets In Trouble For Not Taking Pictures Of Food

Anya Taylor-Joy is enjoying a much-deserved moment in the spotlight thanks to her recent role in "The Menu." A dark satire about the absurdities and class structures of fine dining, the rising Hollywood actress plays a no-BS woman who doesn't quite belong in the world of Michelin stars and molecular gastronomy. The star's witty performance was so captivating that she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical or Comedy (per Bloody Disgusting). Also known for her work as the lead in Netflix's hit period piece "The Queen's Gambit" and her roles in Robert Eggers' "The Witch" and "The Northman," Anya Taylor-Joy has quickly become a Hollywood act to watch.

Like anyone famous, though, Taylor-Joy has to put up with the pressures and expectations of behaving how others want her to. And while Hollywood Pipeline recorded evidence of her kindness and respect for her fans when she stopped to greet them ahead of hosting SNL, there are times when the actress has to put her foot down (via YouTube). She recently joined SiriusXM's Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw to reveal one awkward expectation she just can't get behind.

Anya Taylor-Joy says people expect her to take photos of their food

Phone eats first! But not Anya Taylor-Joy's phone. In an interview alongside "The Menu" director Mark Mylod, screenplay writer Seth Reiss, and fellow actor John Leguizamo, radio host Jessica Shaw asks the crew what their thoughts are on taking photos of food (via YouTube). While Leguizamo gives a big thumbs down, Taylor-Joy says "I get in trouble for not taking pictures of food!"

The star clarifies that when bartenders, servers, or chefs bring out a well-plated meal or a smoking cocktail for her to enjoy, their first question isn't, "How do you like it?" It's, "why aren't you taking out your phone?" Whether they just want a slice of Anya-Taylor Joy's clout or they're just Instagram-addicted, the actress says she doesn't give in to snapping a photo of her food on command. Leguizamo shook his head in agreement saying, "that was cute when social media first came out, but don't do that anymore, it's tacky." The bizarre encounter is also strangely reminiscent of "The Menu" itself which pokes fun at the gaudiness of the food industry.

In a generation ruled by technology, it appears that the cast and crew of "The Menu" go against the grain.