Reddit Just Spotted A New Crispy Melt Taco At Taco Bell

Though the Taco Bell menu has branched out over the years to include chicken wings, waffle tacos, and a Kit Kat-filled tortilla dessert, it's always the classic tacos that keep us coming back for more. Soft taco? Yes, please. Crunchy taco? We'll take three. Doritos Locos taco? Say no more. We truly don't know how the chain does it, but Taco Bell constantly manages to upgrade our favorite tacos while still staying true to its classics.

The chain's latest menu addition dropped without warning in the wee hours of February 2, 2023, sending many fans into a frenzy. However, this new item isn't new as you'd think. In fact, it had a pilot run in Alabama last summer, per Thrillist, and is now available nationwide for a limited time. The taco in question is, of course, none other than the decadent crispy melt taco, oozing with a harmonious quartet of cheeses. Are you hungry yet? We sure are.

Everything you need to know about Taco Bell's crispy melt taco

Not too many of us check the Taco Bell menu immediately upon waking up in the morning, but we're thankful for those who do. One Reddit user was quick to share news of Taco Bell's quiet crispy melt taco drop, adding that they "might go after a meeting to get [their] fill." Naturally, other Redditors similarly adjusted their schedules to make room for a Taco Bell trip. One person wrote, "I know what I'm having for lunch today! Maybe dinner too," while another said, "My wallet just cried cause it knows I'm gonna be spending a lot of money on these."

Taco Bell's crispy melt taco costs around $2.50 apiece, and is available in beef and black bean varieties. Both varieties come with a thick, gooey layer of nacho cheese and TB's three-cheese blend. As yet another Redditor pointed out, according to the Taco Bell website, you can get a free black bean crispy melt taco when you place an order of $10 or more through the TB app between now and February 15.