RXBar's Old Packaging Is Totally Unrecognizable

Founded by best friends Peter Rahal and Jared Smith in 2013, RXBars have been many people's go-to source of transportable, clean protein (via RXBar). The duo's joint creation is known for its simplistic packaging that reflects the protein bars' minimal ingredients, which typically just consist of almonds, cashews, eggs, and dates — among other ingredients.

Customers can easily see the ingredients (as well as their amounts) on the wrapper of the protein bar, along with the phrase, "No B.S." The founders did this to signify that there is no "Bad Stuff," in any of their products, such as artificial sweeteners, which may be important to those on specific health and fitness journeys.

And this label has been consistent on all of RXBar's newest creations, including its new RXBar A.M., which is geared more towards breakfast, along with its oatmeal packs, which are typically heartier meals. Therefore, fans might be surprised to hear that RXBar's iconic packaging didn't always look like this.

RXBar's ingredients were never always on front

That's right, RXBar's packaging did not always reflect its iconic, simple protein bar formula. The Takeout posted an article showing RXBar's previous packaging iteration, which only had the specific flavor of the bar as opposed to all of its ingredients. And although the brand's original protein bar packaging still did say "No B.S.," it was a lot smaller and was listed among other characteristics, including the fact that the bar was also dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Though RXBars have always been popular, getting their start in the CrossFit space, they gained massive exposure in the protein bar market when Kellogg's acquired the brand in 2017. According to Inc., the company was sold for $600 million, and by that time, it had its iconic, recognizable packaging that it remains today. So while RXBar's mission was always fueled by nutrition and clean eating, its packaging has done a massive transformation since its early days.