TikTok Shows Aldi Is Loaded With Super Bowl Snacks

Aldi was born in the suburbs of Essen, Germany, according to CNBC. Brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht are said to have inherited their first grocery store from their mother, who opened the small corner store in 1913. In 1946, Karl and Theo started Albrecht's Discount Grocery stores after coming home from prisoner-of-war camps in the aftermath of World War II (via The New York Times). In 1961, the brothers decided to shorten the name. Take the first two letters of their name Albrecht's Discount and what do you get? Aldi! Today, Aldi has more than 2,000 stores across the United States!

With Aldi's variety of affordable products, it would be a great place to stock up on snacks for this year's huge event, Super Bowl LVII. If you've seen the video from TikTok user @aldiallthetime floating around the internet about the Super Bowl snack hacks at Aldi, you know that this video has a ton of yummy ideas. If you weren't hungry before watching the video, you most likely are now. Apart from showing some excellent choices for Super Bowl munchies, there are also triple slow cookers, air fryers, paper plates and napkins with football designs, and even serving trays. Here are the Aldi food products you should look out for this Super Bowl game day.

You might need a second stomach for all these Aldi Super Bowl snacks

TikTok user @aldiallthetime shared their Super Bowl LVII food finds, and the list is outstanding. The video shows a couple of dupes for name-brand products, such as Tostitos tortilla chips swapped with the Aldi hint of lime tortilla chips and swapping out Funyuns with the Aldi onion rings. Those tortilla chips would pair perfectly with the queso cheese dip, the salsa (tip: combine these or buy the salsa con queso dip; you won't regret it!), and the spinach artichoke dip. You can use the triple slow cooker to heat up the dips for extra ease and convenience!

One of the snacks mentioned in the video is actually a huge hit, with Aldi even making their own TikTok about it on their official page. Can you guess what it is? If you said dill pickle-flavored popcorn, you'd be correct! Fans in the comment section raved about how much they loved them, with one person writing "[H]ands down the best popcorn EVER." Spicy was a popular theme too, with some 'hot takes' on options such as the bacon habanero-flavored pretzel thins, the Carolina Reaper-flavored, or the jalapeƱo popper-flavored cheese curls. Lastly, check out the chicken wings, and use the air fryer to make the texture nice and crispy.