The Colorful Tomato Medley Aldi Shoppers Are Absolutely Loving

Tomatoes can be a bit of a polarizing food. Aside from the debate over whether it's a vegetable or fruit, people seem to either love or hate them. Tomatoes play a central role in several international cuisines. According to Delicious, tomatoes are central to Italian, Spanish, Middle Easter, French, and Mexican cuisine. Tomatoes make up the base of several salsas, pizzas, and certain pasta dishes. If you've ever pursued your grocery store's produce aisle, you know that there are seemingly endless types of tomatoes. Depending on what you want to use your fresh tomatoes for will determine which type of tomato to use.

If you're making a sandwich or a burger, a beefsteak tomato is the best bet due to its large size and juicy texture. Green tomatoes are the best variety to fry since they are slightly under-ripe and have a crunchier exterior (per Farm Flavor). If you're looking for a quick snack or something poppable, cherry tomatoes are the perfect anytime snack. While tomatoes are sold at almost every grocery store, Aldi sells a particularly delicious tomato pack.

Pick up one, or two packages

Aldi shoppers are chiming in on Reddit about their love for the Wild Wondder's tomato medley blend. One user wrote that even though they aren't a fan of tomatoes, they cannot get enough of this tomato pack. Another user wrote, "We literally buy one every week! So good!" While the tomato package got recognition for being sold at Aldi, users were quick to chime in that even larger packs are sold at Costco and Sam's Club. The colorful tomato pack is made up of a collection of several varieties of tomatoes. According to Nature & More, the tomato varieties in the pack include Green Zebra, Snowberry, Brown Berry, Orange Sunburst, Pink Berry, San Marzano, and Rudolph. These tiny tomatoes are naturally sweet and are great cooked or eaten raw.

If you find yourself with an abundance of fresh tomatoes, there are a ton of ways to enjoy them instead of eating them straight from the box. These tomato medley box tomatoes are great raw in a salad and equally delicious when roasted in the oven. A small box sold at grocery stores like Aldi sells for around $3 depending on your store's location.