Reddit Is Slamming Aldi's Mini Empanadas

Empanadas are one of the many different cultural varieties of a pastry or turnover stuffed with savory or sweet fillings that can include meat, seafood, cheeses, veggies, and fruits (per The Original Empanada Factory). Like a lot of other foods out there, its exact origins are uncertain, but some trace it to a northwestern region of Spain called Galicia (via Foodimentary). These tender, flaky pockets of deliciousness are a popular treat in Spain as well as South and Central American countries.

In countries such as Argentina, empanadas are a common sight at street food vendors and restaurants, where you can order them fried or baked (per Travel Associates). Ecuador has its own version, empanadas de viento, that is stuffed with cheese and onions and topped with sugar to create a savory/sweet combo (via Gambero Rosso). There is even a National Empanada Day observed on April 8, which celebrates all things empanada (per HipLatina).

These days empanadas are part of the global food scene and you can find them all around the world in restaurants, food trucks, and even in the frozen foods section of your local grocery store. But not all empanadas are created of equal taste value, and some Redditors are slamming Aldi's mini empanadas for their flavor deficiency.

Aldi's empanadas are 'little pockets of sadness'

User Pigtattoo posted a photo of Aldi's mini chicken empanadas to the subreddit r/aldi with the not-so-subtle caption, "These were hot trash." Pressed to clarify why they felt that way, they elaborated, "They tasted terrible. The dough was void of flavor, and the inside tasted like uncooked onions only."

Other commenters corroborated the critiques. "Agree...they were terrible," related one contributor. "Very gross," stated another. Redditor Notawettowel offered more specifics. "They tasted like straight up cilantro and sadness." Headhurt21 acknowledged they had not yet tried Aldi's empanadas, but based on family recipes just eyeballing them was enough to conclude, "These just look like little pockets of sadness."

Then there were those who, while not enamored with the product, still found the empanadas mildly palatable. "I thought they were okay, but the cheese had a weird, sour aftertaste," shared a user of her personal experience. "They're not wildly flavorful, but they're great little snacks and it has just the perfect quick snack taste."

A third subset of Redditors touted cooking them in the air fryer. A user even provided detailed cooking instructions: "I bought them and air fried them at 370 for 7 mins and I thought they were delicious!" Another convert to this cooking method remarked, "I threw them in the air fryer & I thought they were yummy." So, if you do take a chance on Aldi's mini empanadas, make sure you have an air fryer to maximize flavor and burn off the sadness.