The Viral 'Fry Purse' That TikTok Can't Stop Talking About

There are lots of videos on TikTok that, if someone described to you, you'd have to see to fully comprehend. Like the viral video of the unsuspecting girl holding 12 open containers of McDonald's water in the car or the woman whose dumpster diving haul included two giant Red Bull coolers.

TikTok viewers love a haul, especially a bag haul. Cambridge Dictionary defines a haul as "all the things someone buys on an occasion when they go shopping." People post hauls of things they bought or items that they plan to use to pack a bag, as in this emergency bag haul. Other examples of bag hauls can include grocery hauls to show how far your dollar can stretch at a grocery store like Trader Joe's.

To some degree, you usually know what kinds of items to expect in a bag. Sometimes, however, we take a peek inside someone else's bag and find something we never expected. This is exactly what happened to one woman on her night out who was just trying to do a bit of good.

The mystery is solved

In a viral video posted to TikTok, TikToker prettyyrozayy explains that after finding a textured white purse at the bar, she wanted to find its rightful owner. She does what anyone would do in this situation and takes a look inside to see if she can find an ID or any way to contact the person who is likely looking for their purse. When she opens it up, however, she finds that the purse is full of french fries.

Commenters seemed to sympathize with the purse owner in commenting things like, "Sometimes you just need some fries," and "honestly, me." Sometimes you need a snack or a condiment in case of emergency, like the one Wendy Williams keeps in her purse at all times.

Luckily, the video reached the owner of the purse who texted a link of the TikTok to her friends saying, "Y'all, this is my fry purse", per the TikTok posted by her friend TikTok user jadascrimxx. Jadascrimxx posted a stitched video with prettyyrozayy's original TikTok showing how the fry purse came to be. The video shows her friend stuffing the infamous purse with fries.

It is still unknown if the purse was reclaimed, but TikTok users everywhere can rest easy knowing that the owner now has a better idea of what became of her purse.