Andrew Zimmern Can't Get Enough Of This Fast Food Restaurant

Andrew Zimmern has quite literally made a living out of eating unorthodox — and oftentimes grotesque — foods. The James Beard Award-winning chef, author of multiple cookbooks, and former "Bizarre Foods" host has noshed on everything from tarantulas to coral worms to horse rectum sausage, according to his website. He has even admitted that he keeps frozen squirrels in his fridge at home. To each their own, right?

Clearly, the guy has very few issues with consuming anything that can be made edible, no matter what it looks like or where it came from. But perhaps contrary to popular belief, Chef Zimmern does enjoy indulging in, dare say ... normal meals every once in a while. For example, some of his most popular recipes include crab cakes, key lime pie, and Chinese chicken wings. He also recently revealed one of his all-time favorite fast food joints, which is known for its ButterBurgers, Concrete Mixers, cheese curds, and other delicious treats. Here's why Zimmern loves this Midwestern icon.

Andrew Zimmern is a huge fan of Culver's

In February 2022, Andrew Zimmern was the guest of honor on "Hot Ones" during the 4th episode of the series' 17th season. Toward the end of the hot sauce-fueled interview, the funky foods enthusiast discussed the joys of eating at Culver's, a Wisconsin-based burger franchise that has become a culinary staple in America's Heartland. Zimmern shared his long-standing adoration for Culver's, which takes the freshness of its ingredients seriously.

Upon taking a bite out of a wing doused in Puckerbutt Extra Mean Green, "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans asked Zimmern why he prefers Culver's over In-N-Out. Zimmern confidently defended the chain's menu items. "Culver's does not freeze anything. There's no frozen meat, so it's all fresh. Tomatoes come in there and they are cut by someone. Lettuce comes in there whole and it is cut by someone. It's a smash patty of decent beef that comes on a buttered bun." He continues, "Their custard is incredible ... I'm not a crinkle-cut fry guy but I like the Culver's fry. It's just good. I'm there for the burger. It tastes like beef." There you have it, folks. A true Dairy State classic with — of all people — Andrew Zimmern's stamp of approval.