Katie Lee Biegel Celebrated 1 Million Instagram Followers In The Tastiest Way

Whether you're a fan of social media or not, you have to admit that it's pretty impressive when someone's follower count is in the tens of thousands, and even more so if that number crosses over the 1 million mark. According to blogger Tim Queen - who works with companies to come up with "content marketing strategies" on YouTube (via LinkedIn) – a mere 0.028% of YouTube's 113.9 million channels could boast a seven-digit subscriber count as of March 2022. Meanwhile, on Instagram, Mention reports that just 0.59% of the platform's 2 billion-plus users have a following of more than one million people.

Needless to say, hitting the milestone follower count is no easy feat. However, last month, a beloved member of the Food Network family was able to break into the elusive club. On January 23, Katie Lee Biegel officially rolled past the 999,999-follower mark, which she commemorated by giving an Instagram shoutout to all of her fans. "Wow, I am so appreciative to all of you for [your] support and interest in what I do...I feel like we have such a great community here," the co-host of "The Kitchen" wrote, also noting that her inspiration comes from her followers and fans. "Thank you so much," she added.

Of course, in true Food Network star fashion, Biegel also celebrated her milestone achievement with an extra tasty meal that was even customized in honor of her Instagram accomplishment.

Pizza was on the menu for Katie Lee Biegel's milestone Instagram achievement

Congratulations are in order for Katie Lee Biegel, who recently joined the ranks of some of her fellow Food Network stars including Bobby Flay and Ree Drummond in the prestigious 1 Million Instagram Followers club. Naturally, the former "Top Chef" host commemorated the event with a special meal: pizza – though this wasn't just any ordinary pie. As seen in her celebratory Instagram post on January 23, a few of Biegel's friends gifted her a tavern-style pizza from New York City's Emmett's on Grove, which she noted in the caption of the upload was "her favorite." Biegel loves spice, and the cheesy 'za was topped with a slew of jalapeños, as well as pepperonis that were sweetly arranged to spell "1 M" as a nod to her seven-digit follower count.

Commenters congratulated Biegel on her social media achievement, including Candace Nelson and Giada De Laurentis, while others turned their focus to the cookbook author's celebratory meal. "That's a proper pizza to celebrate such a milestone! Congrats," wrote Biegel's "The Kitchen" co-host, Jeff Mauro. "Yummm," wrote Food Network star Daphne Oz.

As for Biegel, it doesn't look like she's letting her social media fame go too much to her head. Just one day after hitting 1 million followers, she was back to sharing useful kitchen tips with her fans.