Whole Foods Fans Are Begging For A Vegan Version Of Its Berry Chantilly Cake

Although Whole Foods has a reputation for being home to healthy, organic, and all-natural foods, the chain also carries plenty of sweet treats. Even better, many of Whole Foods' desserts, like cookies, cakes, and brownies, also come in vegan and sugar-free varieties — Whole Foods even has vegan sprinkle donuts!

However, much to shoppers' disappointment, some desserts have yet to be offered in vegan or sugar-free varieties. One such dessert is Whole Foods' berry chantilly cake, which has layers of vanilla cake, chantilly frosting, and, of course, berries. Sadly for those following a vegan diet, the cake's recipe does include eggs.

That being said, Whole Foods, and many other brands, have found ways to make their fan-favorite recipes vegan-friendly, so many customers are convinced the same could be done for the berry chantilly cake. All they have to do is swap out the troublesome ingredients for vegan-friendly substitutes, right? Well, as it turns out, it's not that easy.

Instagram dashes our hopes for a vegan chantilly cake

Hopes for a vegan-friendly chantilly cake rose anew after Whole Foods recently shared an Instagram reel about the cake. The reel shows how the dreamy chocolate and strawberry version of the cake is made, layer by creamy layer. 

As delicious as the cake looks, many users begged for Whole Foods to offer different versions, be it vegan-friendly, low-sugar, or gluten-free. Other shoppers became frustrated with the endless requests, with one going so far as to write, "It's not custom cakes, they are showing how they make this specific cake and the finished product. Like and move on!"

Another Instagram user, who claimed to work for Whole Foods as a cake decorator, explained why the berry chantilly cake couldn't be made vegan. They said that the chantilly frosting includes mascarpone, "[for] which there is no vegan substitute, except for tofu, which would change the texture of the frosting completely." Either way, we can't say for sure that Whole Foods won't ever offer a vegan berry chantilly cake in the future, but for now, the regular version will have to suffice.