Pete Davidson's Super Bowl 2023 Hellmann's Ad Is A Pun Lover's Dream

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest and most watched football game, with about 208 million people watching Super Bowl LVI in 2022, according to the National Football League. In 2023, Super Bowl LVII will be on February 12, where the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off on the field at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, per the NFL. For those of us that won't be at the big game in person, the Super Bowl LVII will be broadcasted on television, and if you've ever watched the Super Bowl in the past, you'll know the hype that surrounds the commercials.

Many companies have been teasing their commercials leading up to the big game, but luckily, a few of them have already released the full ads for our enjoyment. Popular beer company Bud Light, for example, released its Super Bowl ad on February 2, 2023, and it featured actor Miles Teller and his wife enjoying Bud Light while dancing to hold music that played on his wife's phone (via Youtube). Taking a light-hearted, humorous approach to commercials is a common theme during the Super Bowl, and condiment brand Hellmann's is no exception. On February 1, 2023, Hellmann's teased their Super Bowl commercial in which actors Brie Larson and Jon Hamm could be seen inside a huge refrigerator next to a large jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise, per a press release. Now, the company has released the full commercial, and it's a pun lover's dream.

Pete Davidson makes a Brie and Hamm panini

In Hellmann's Super Bowl 2023 commercial teaser with Brie Larson and Jon Hamm, many questions were raised, such as "Why were the actors stuck inside a huge refrigerator?" Well, we finally have answers now that the full commercial has been released. In the commercial, which was uploaded to Youtube, the actors question why they are in a fridge before realizing that they are Brie and Hamm, and when combined with Hellmann's mayonnaise, they are dinner. Suddenly, Pete Davidson opens the fridge and says "I'm gonna eat you guys." Davidson proceeds to make a brie and ham panini with Hellmann's mayo spread on the bread before it's grilled. The commercial ends with Davidson taking a bite of his creation and telling Larson and Hamm that they are "really delicious."

While the commercial takes a funny approach by creating puns out of the actors' names, the real purpose and message behind Hellmann's commercial is to inspire people to get creative with their leftovers instead of throwing them away and contributing to food waste, according to a press release from Hellmann's. The Super Bowl is one of the days throughout the year with the most food wasted. An estimated 40% of food in the United States gets thrown away, and Hellmann's is hoping to lower that number with the message in their 2023 Super Bowl commercial.