Why Moon Drop Grapes Taste So Different From Regular Grapes

It's long been cited that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can increase longevity, lower the risk of chronic illness and disease, and improve your quality of life (per Harvard). There's a reason mom's everywhere stoop to turning spoons in airplanes to get their children to eat their fruits and veggies — they help keep us alive.

Since they can be bitter, tough, and sometimes smelly, vegetables can be harder to fit into your everyday diet. But when it comes to fruits, they actually feel like an indulgent treat thanks to their naturally sugary-sweet complexion. Whether you like blueberries, bananas, açaí, or watermelon, there's no wrong way to get your daily serving of fruit. Among them all though, one of the most widely-produced and well-loved fruits in the world are grapes (per Statista). Grapes taste great plucked off the vine, distilled into juice, or, of course, turned into wine.

But have you ever seen a moon drop grape? That's right, there are more grapes out there than just the green and purple grapes we're familiar with. More than just a grape with an ethereal name, the lush little fruits have the sweetness to match. But what gives them their signature flavor?

Moon drop grapes are made possible by crossbreeding

Moon drop grapes are seedless and more oblong than the typical grape. They boast a lovely, deep purple hue and have a flavor similar to that of a cotton candy grape — sweet as sugar without the sinful sting. Thanks to their candied flavor, moon drop grapes are perfect for anyone who struggles to eat healthy and according to Chef Abbie Gellman, they boast the same health benefits as any other grape.

Moon drop grapes' tasty reputation is a result of crossbreeding. According to Minnetoka Orchards, moon drops were made from various grapes and were intentionally designed to possess a super-sweet aroma with a firmness in texture that isn't lacking in the juiciness department.

While crossbred grapes might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, moon drops and other fruits made possible by crossbreeding are perfectly healthy to consume (per Eat Right). Plus, like moon drops, they can make sweet fruits that much sweeter.