PopCorners Finally Released The Full Breaking Bad Super Bowl 2023 Ad

PopCorners have long been in the snack arena, but this year, it will finally have its own Super Bowl commercial. For any company, this is a momentous feat given the rising prices of commercials this year. AdAge forecasts that a 30-second Super Bowl ad will generally cost $7 million this year, surpassing last year's $6.5 million average.

And the brand is definitely going all in with its first Super Bowl commercial, announcing and debuting a video teaser for the ad back in January, where it showed a collaboration with the cast of "Breaking Bad." And it may just be the perfect collaboration: the combination of two popular snacks – popcorn and the potato chip – and the most critically acclaimed show of all time (per The Wrap). Now, as the Super Bowl LVII creeps closer, PopCorners has released the full version of its "Breaking Bad" commercial — and it doesn't disappoint.

Tuco demands not six, but seven PopCorners flavors

Fans have all eyes on PopCorners' Breaking Bad Super Bowl full-length commercial, which was released in both a 30-second and 60-second variation. Previous versions of the ad released in January showed "Breaking Bad" fans a brief look at familiar faces Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, respectively.

But in both lengths of the newer version, Walt and Jesse toy with a new unknown substance: a bag of delicious PopCorners. Upon their creation, they bring the snack to Tuco, one of the shows villains. Tuco tries the chips, and is so impressed that he demands the pair make seven flavors of the snack, which is one more than the six they said they made (via YouTube).

Despite being the villain, many fans may sympathize with Tuco at the end of the commercial, as he drops the line, "We're going to eat a lot of snacks together." Well, it is the Super Bowl.