Pamela Anderson Will Host Her Very Own Cooking Show

Pamela Anderson is proving that the old adage that models have an expiration date has itself expired. The model, actress, and activist holds the record for the most Playboy covers of all time, with 14 covers spanning from her first in 1989 at age 22 to her most recent in 2016 at 49 (per UPI & Biography). And that's just the American magazine, according to Insider, she's graced the covers of Playboys around the world more than 100 times. After rising to fame in the pages of Playboy, Anderson went on to win hearts on the small screen with roles in iconic '90s TV shows, "Home Improvement" and "Baywatch," which cannot be mentioned without conjuring the image of Anderson in that tiny red bathing suit.

And now, at 55, Anderson is at the top of her game. There's been renewed public interest in the actress and particularly in public and media treatment of her following the Emmy-winning series "Pam & Tommy," which covers the 1990s scandal of all scandals that ensued when a tape of her and then-husband Tommy Lee was stolen and released without consent (IMDb). Now, Anderson has a just-released Netflix documentary in which she vows to "tell the real story," "Pamela: A Love Story" (via The Guardian). The model-actress also has a newly minted memoir out, "Love, Pamela." And soon, she'll have not one, but two TV shows on the air, including a new celebrity cooking show.

Up close and personal in Pamela Anderson's kitchen

Canadian fans have loved watching "Baywatch" actress Pamela Anderson return to her small-town Canadian roots to renovate her family home on the HGTV Canada show "Pamela's Garden of Eden." The series has been such a success that it's just been renewed for a second season, per Deadline. Now fans can see Anderson return to where she grew up and enjoy getting to know another side of Anderson in her upcoming Food Network Canada series, according to The Guardian. In the show, entitled "Pamela's Cooking with Love," Anderson and a chef guest will prepare meals for her friends and family in her private home on Vancouver Island.

The twist? All the food will be plant-based. Animal rights activist Anderson has been a vegan for over thirty years. The eight-episode series should hit screens in 2024. And this time, Anderson gets a seat at the table, she also landed a role as executive producer in the series.