Gordon Ramsay's 'Chef's Kiss' With Adele Is Captivating TikTok

Gordon Ramsay better watch out for his reputation. Lately, the chef has been proving he's not the curmudgeon he plays on TV. First, he supported "Cookin' with Brooklyn" host Brooklyn Beckham after Beckham's viral bloody prime rib roast hit Instagram. "I have no issues against it. I'm excited. We have another chef joining the mix," Ramsay told The Daily Mail at the time. Although he admitted he hadn't seen the video in question, the "Hell's Kitchen" star was glad Beckham, who Ramsay has known since Beckham was a child, has found something he loves. Beckham grew up with Ramsay's own children and the chef counts Beckham's parents as "dear friends." Now how would the Ramsay we see on TV react to a still-bloody roast? Not with words of kindness, that's for sure.

Now, a recent TikTok video has caught Ramsay being nice on camera once again, this time at a performance by fellow Brit — singer Adele.

Mr. Nice Gordon

Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for being the rudest of the rude on TV. Take, for example, the infamous meme where he sandwiches "The Talk" host Julie Chen between two slices of white bread and screams in her face "What are you?" to the now classic reply "an idiot sandwich" (per Know Your Meme & IMDB). While that scene was actually a staged parody for "The Late Late Show," one look at this list of Ramsay's worst insults ever and you'll realize the man has historically had a penchant for vitriol.

But according to The News International, the "Hell's Kitchen" chef showed his softer side at a recent Adele concert in Las Vegas. A TikTok video shows that while Adele was performing, she spotted Ramsay in the audience and made a beeline for the chef. The two exchanged a warm kiss on the cheek and a hand squeeze that TikTok is calling a "chef's kiss." Fans even insist the exchange left Ramsay blushing. One commenter commented on Ramsay's game, saying "bro that chef rizz." Rizz is TikTok slang for one's ability to get girls (per The Tab). (For the record, both Ramsay and Adele have partners.)